These upgrades by Russia will convert Su-30MKI of Indian Air Force into Super Sukhois

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IAF Su-30 MKi

Russian-based company, Irkut corporation offered a massive upgrade to India’s Su-30 Mki fleet. Irkut corporation develops Sukhoi’s aircrafts. Another Russian firm name United Engine Corporation offered an upgraded version of the current Saturn AL-31F engine, which currently deployed in Su-30Mki’s of Indian Air Force.
Alexander Artykhov, the director of Russia’s United Engine Corporation told media at Aero India 2017 that they have had developed a better successor to the AL-31F engine based on a new design and has been offered to IAF as part of the upgradation package, the AL-41F-1S is a brand new engine, which produces 18 percent more thrust than its predecessor. AL-41F-1S is the same engine which Russia is using in its Su-35 “Terminator” aircraft. The engine upgradation will also solve the problem Indian Air Force is facing with the current fleet of Su-30Mki, the engine problem has already cause some major accident in Indian Air Force5.

AL-31P Saturn with thrust vector

Irkut corporation offered upgrades to Indian Air Force which will make Su-30Mki, one of the finest fighter in the world and bring the aircraft very near to the stealth category. The may include changes in design which is not confirmed yet but upgradations of sensors, avionics, engine and weapon system upgrades are sure if India signs the deal worth $6 billion.
The deal will cover all 270 aircrafts in the service and will upgrade each upto the decided standard, the new sukhoi’s will have full cockpit makeover. Large screen pannel for better analysis of data and information are expected, Irkut offered a powerful AESA radar in the place of current PESA radar use by SU-30Mki. Irkut has proposed upgrades on the already highly advance sensor suit of India’s sukhoi and weapons systems.

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However HAL put in a condition, We will be the nodal agency to carry out Su-30MIKI upgrade program,” state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Chairman T. Suvarna Raju. The program will be finalized in less than one year. The first batch of fighters will be upgraded in Russia and rest of them figthers will get their upgrades in the facilities of HAL.

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