Russia is Worried About The Latest India-China Standoff in Dokalam


India and China standoff on Dokalam area continues from many weeks now. Now, there is a news from Moscow that they are closely following the standoff and is considerably tensed on how things are going.

Vladmir Putin

Some close sources told Deccan Chronicle is Moscow is extremely worried about the standoff between India and China where tri-nation boundary meets.

Russia thinks that any hope of India-China-Russia alliance or a triangle is completely finished now. Russia is hoping to go an alliance with China as their ties with United States under trump administration are heading to no good.

Russia has brotherly relation with India since ever, and Russia even sent his best air-craft carrier which protected Indian Ocean and forced the American aircraft to return even before reaching to Vishakhapatnam and India won the war easily in Dec 1971. Russia and India has shared very cordial relations from a long time and it has been continuing since then.

Indian Army and Russian Army in a joint exercise

Russia understands that Pakistan can never be an alternative for making the ties with China stronger and they think India can help them achieve good ties with China when all the three nations are involved.

Sources say that Russia is closely watching the standoff between India and China at Dokalam region. Indian troops have settled in the area with tents as Bhutan fights to keep their territory safe.