Russian Drones Will Soon Have Brains To Help Military


Russian drones will soon have brains that will allow them to take necessary military actions said one of the leading Russian news agency TASS.

A military company is developing technology to allow the robots to think and act in defense. They are developing systems that are self-sufficient.

Isn’t this amazing?

Now, the company KRET (Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies,) the one that creates anti terror systems is said to be working on artificial brain components. These brain components will be used in the military drones in the future.

What is KRET? 

KRET is a Russian firm that specialises in aircraft and electronic warfare. Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET) develops and manufactures military specific products that include radio- electronic and aviation equipment.

How will the drones work?

Vladimir Mikheyev, who is also an advisor KRET’s first deputy CEO gave the agency an affirmation to create self-sufficient drones that will be able to make decisions on their own.

He said, “The drone will be able to take off, reach the designated area and make a decision on how to cope with the task entirely on its own.”

He explained further that certain settings fed into the program and the drones will be able to formulate the tasks on their own. They will map destination, directions and will be able to take off and land on their own too. The jets flying with the drones will be sixth- generation jets. They will perform the age old formation flights but these one or two manned aircraft will fly alongside 20-30 drones. The drones will be capable of carrying the weapons.

Although there are chances the drones might turn into a big fat failure because this is just an experiment, but they are hopeful.

So, what do you think? Will Russia bring in a new revolution?

Also, the software that marks their latest step towards building a drone was presented at the recent MAKS-2017 air show in Moscow. Vladimir was spotted watching the show. Source