Russian S-400 Is India’s Top Priority But US Threatens It’s Selling To Any Foreign Country


To make the arms contracts with Russia, Indian Air Force wants to initiate five firing units of the S-400 long-range surface-to-air missile system by the year 2022. But, US Senate threatens Russia of sanctions if S-400 sold to any foreign nations.

If this deal between India & Russia will finalize then it would be one of the biggest arms contracts between the countries.

According to the Indian Air Force (IAF) has told the parliamentary panel,”Requirement of fighter aircraft is our first priority. Next is the long-range SAM S-400 system for which we have the bet. That would substantially change our posture both towards northern adversary as well as towards western adversary.”

Russian S-400

Further, the parliamentary panel has suggested that funds towards the acquirement of S-400 systems be made while the year as per the call by the Indian Air Force.

While, both the countries have been working on this contract since 2016. However, to Sputnik defense source told, “negotiations are at the final stage now and the commercial contract is expected to be signed sometime soon. There are speculations that the Moscow visit by Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman later this month could see the deal finally coming through.”

On the other side, a group of US lawmakers led by Senator Bob Menendez told the State Department in a letter warns Russia if they sold S0-400 to any foreign country.


As per the letter, “We are writing today to specifically inquire about reported negotiations between Russia and certain countries over sales of the Russian government’s S-400 air defense system and whether these reported deals could trigger mandatory CAATSA sanction. Under any circumstance, a S-400 sale would be considered a ‘significant transaction’ and we expect that any sale would result in designations.”

Russia is talking with many countries including India, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar regarding S-400.

Meanwhile, the request comes after the Treasury Department used the CAATSA legislation, along with an Executive Order that was amended by CAATSA. Federal Security Service of Russia, Main Intelligence Directorate, and six Russian individuals were approved under the CAATSA legislation. CAATSA legislation has been passed by US Congress last and President Trump signed it into law on August 2.

Russia’s S-400 systems are intelligent of stopping and destroying airborne threats at a distance of up to 250 miles and can together attack up to six targets. China was the first global customer of the S-400.

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