Most Feared Soviet Unit In WWII- 9 Men Killed 4000 German/Italian Soldiers

Photo Koch 1943

Imagine it’s 1942 and you are a normal German soldier, walking down the road calmly. You are with your buddies and you are happy that things are going fine. You remember your parents back home and the girl you love, back home. You are just cracking some jokes and having fun. You pass a tree of flowers which looks beautiful and untouched by the bloody war.

Photo Koch 1943

You stop for a cigarette, with your buddies. You feel little relaxed as you have had very bad days yet you survived. You want to go back home and you think, I will be there soon.

Silent, serene and you enjoy a puff.


You’re shot and you are dead. The tree(the beautiful, untouched by war) you just passed had a sniper. He had the scope on your head and ready to take the shot.

Russian Snipers World War

Snipers, were a deadly force of world war II. Russian snipers were scarier than any other snipers in the war.

Around 4,30,000 individuals received sniper training in the war, the Russians were the best in the world.

The list of top 10 snipers include all but one Russian soldier.

Stepan Vasilievich Petrenko: 422 kills

Vasilij Ivanovich Golosov: 422 kills

Fyodor Trofimovich Dyachenko: 425 kills

Fyodor Matveyevich Okhlopkov: 429 kills

Mikhail Ivanovich Budenkov: 437 kills

Vladimir Nikolaevich Pchelintsev: 456 kills

Ivan Nikolayevich Kulbertinov: 489 kills

Nikolay Yakovlevich Ilyin: 494 kills

Ivan Mihailovich Sidorenko: around 500 kills

In all, it becomes 4000 soldiers belonging to Germany and Italy. There were also women snipers which terrorized every soldier during the time.

1943 Sniper Lyuba Makarova on the Kalinin front. IMAGE: OZERKSY/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Credits- An amazing answer on quora by James MacKinnon.

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