Russian Technical Team Reaches Vizag To Investigate Damaged INS Chakra


INS Chakra suffered a mysterious estimated heavy damage and to investigate the damage, a Russian technical team reached the Vizag to conduct a joint investigation with India to find out the reason behind the damage and to find out the extent of damage. INS Chakra is the Russian nuclear powered attack submarine whose stopped construction was completed with the sponsorship of Indian Navy in building and sea trials of sub marine. The Nerpa Submarine is on lease to India. It was leased to the Indian Navy in 2011 after passing extensive trials, and was formally commissioned into service as INS Chakra II at a ceremony in Vizag (Visakhapatnam) on 4 April 2012.

Now, the source has confirmed that the submarine has suffered the mysterious damage and the Russian technical team is in Vishakapatnam to conduct the investigation.

After an official inquiry held by India, the report says, the damage to INS Chakra has far more than what was expected earlier and known in public. Five feet hole has been found in the forward portion of the sonar dome. The information is given by the reliable source of Ministry of Defence.

The sources from both Indian and Russian side confirmed that the damage isn’t extremely serious and it didn’t effect the nuclear reactor as it was in outer hull.

The damage to the submarine was caused by a minor accident happened when the submarine was moving. However, the Russian team wasn’t satisfied with the report of Indian official and hence they reached to India. The inquiry by India was conducted by Indian Navy’s three-member team. This team of three member blamed the technical issues.

Also, few days back, Russia had delivered a formal message informing their dissatisfaction with the finding of India to New Delhi. The submarine INS Chakra is leased to India for over $600 million.

Russia has also demanded permission accessing to examine damaged INS Chakra by their technical experts. The submarine has been docked in the submarine base INS Virbahu in Vizag.

As per the sources, the report of investigation is to be submitted to both headquarters New Delhi and Moscow. Also, as per the source of Russia team, “The damage isn’t serious but we will have to wait for the final report before moving forward.


After 10 years lease of INS Chakra, India is planning for second nuclear submarine and is already in talk with Russia for negotiation. About the accident suffered by INS Chakra, it is speculated that the submarine may have met with an accident when it is entering the harbour. Earlier in 2008, INS Chakra had suffered a major accident while undergoing sea trials.

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