Secret Revealed Of Kargil War: Indian Air Force used a Jugaad

MIG 29 Kargil

It has been revealed that in the Kargil War, The Indian Air Force used certain tactics which totally qualify to be a Jugaad. It’s been almost 17 years when the Kargil war broke out, Indian troops were suffering heaving casualties during the recapture of Indian post.

Indian posts were captured by Pakistani soldiers, Pakistani Army’s Special Force SSG and Mujahideens trained Pakistan Army. Indian Army found the intrusion reports and launched a massive operation against the enemy. The operation was named as “Operation Vijay”
Far away from conflicts of the army on land, another force of India was readying up to destroy Pakistani forces from the sky. Indian Air Force suffered casualties as well as hits on aircrafts, the enemy was in a very good position to target IAF jets with their stinger missiles. Indian Air Force came up with a very innovative yet very insane tactic, IAF had never faced such challenge before.
. Indian Air Force had to bomb targets at elevations of 14,000 to 18,000 ft, against a backdrop that made spotting impossible. Then Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee issued orders that LOC should not be violated, which made the job of IAF even more difficult.

Indian Air Force came up with an insane idea of flying real-time missions with hand-held GPS sets to home in on high-altitude targets. IAF placed the hand-held devices into brackets installed in front of them, they were also recording the bombing run to analyze the operational area. That’s not the end of the Jugaad and surprises by the Indian Air Force.

IAF pilots knew they couldn’t bomb the exact location of the Pakistani troops, so they chose the more easy yet destructive way. They started shooting the mountain, which ultimately lead to an avalanche and sweeped everything in its way. Innovational ideas lead to finish of the enemy and India finally managing to finish the enemy and protecting it’s motherland.

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