Senior Ex-Pakistani officer warned Pakistan about Indian Drones


India is deploying its drones on the Line Of Control for long range recon missions, these drones are very much compatible with long range recon mission.

Sources said drones are deployed in Rajouri and Poonch area of Kashmir, while Pakistan is expressing concern over the issue and stating that it will destabilize the region.
India has increased its surveillance mission after suffering a deadly attack on its army camp in Uri last year, Indian Army is responding very quickly to the terrorist movement information.
Drones like IWI Heron and many small UAV’s are playing very crucial role in fulfilling India’s need for border observation. India is also trying hard to get hand on the US developed armed drones, but many defence experts assumed that India’s hand on armed drone will lead these two nation a step closer to any conflicts.
An Ex-Pakistani military officer Lt Gen (retd) Talat Masood, who once headed the Pakistan Ordnance Factories that supply arms and ammunition to the military, deployment of drones would significantly increase the risk of war between Pakistan and India, “The drones, which can reach anywhere in Pakistan, obviously can heighten tensions and increase the risk of a conflagration,”
India is now an important strategic ally of the United States of America, which allow India to have its hands on cutting edge American technology. American has cleared the sale of unarmed predator drones to India, but India wants the armed ones too, But US export control laws prohibit such a transfer.
India has also requested for more advance Avenger drone and requested General Atomics, its willingness for selling Avenger drones, The Avengers can fly for 18 hours, carry 3,500 pounds of munitions and reach an altitude of 50,000 feet which will surpass Pakistan’s more limited in range and payload drone series. India’s request for 22 Predator Guardian drones was made in June, 2016.

An aerial view of General Atomics P46 Predator ‘C’, “Avenger” over the high deserts of Southern California. The latest generation Predator is a jet-powered remotely-piloted vehicle (RPV) that is nearly twice the size of its predecessor. Featuring an internal weapons bay, retractable gear, a blended wing design, top-mounted intake and shielded exhaust, the stealthy airframe can cruise at 50,000 feet and can perform multiple tasks from reconnaisance to attack roles.
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