China Steals Sensitive Data of Australian F- 35 Stealth Fighter And P-8 Surveillance Aircraft


The tool that is used by Chinese Cyber Criminals is blamed to steal the data of Australia’s F- 35 stealth fighter and P-8 surveillance aircraft programs. A subcontractor of defence was hacked that results in the stealing of data of Australia’s F- 35 stealth fighter.

Last year in July, an aerospace engineering firm was conciliated by a group of 50 people. But as per the technology website ZDNet Australia, The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) come to know about the breach in November.

Yesterday, ASD’s Mitchell Clarke while speaking at a security conference said, “Some 30GB of ‘sensitive data’ subjected to restricted access under the US government’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations rules were stolen.”

According to ZDNet, Clarke who is the chief of the investigation said, “Information about the F-35, the US’ latest generation of fighter jets, as well as the P8, an advanced submarine hunter and surveillance craft, were stolen. Also, the wireframe diagram of one of the Australian Navy’s new ships was lifted, where a viewer could ‘zoom in down to the captain’s chair’.”


With the help of “China Chopper”, hackers lifted the sensitive data of F- 35 stealth fighter and P-8 surveillance aircraft programmes. Chinese actors use the China Chopper and had gained access via an internet-facing server, told by Clarke.

On the other hand, internet facing services that are run on default passwords ‘admin’ and ‘guest’ were used by the subcontractor. Clarke also said, “Those brought in to assess the attack nicknamed the hacker Alf after a character on the popular Australian soap ‘Home and Away’.” Not only that but also they dubbed “Alf’s Mystery Happy Fun Time” for the three months of the period when they were unaware of the breach.

“It is not classified and it is not dangerous in terms of the military,” told by Christopher Pyne, Defence industry minister.

Since Australia has been working on the world’s largest submarine project which undertakes a huge of 50 billion Australian dollars ($39 billion), cybercriminals are targeting Australia, this information is given by Pyne.

Pyne added that the nation has committed to purchase 72 F-35A aircraft which they will buy for 17 billions of dollar and also for Cyber Security the government was spending billions of dollars.


The Chinese hackers have also been accused of ransacking of corporate and military secrets of western countries.

Meanwhile, in 2016 the government’s CSC (Cyber Security Centre) unveiled that double agent used the malicious software on the Bureau of Meteorology’s system for stealing of documents.

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