Slain CRPF Soldier’s Dream was Fulfilled by his Batch Mates. Proved Heroism Is Not Limited To Field.

Photo courtesy: Kamaljit Sandhu

When a soldier dies, a lot of his dreams for his family shatter. CRPF officer Rakesh Chaurasia was one such soldier and brother who dreamt marrying off his three sisters with flying colours. But his plans were short lived when he succumbed during a Maoist Encounter. However, his friends did not let Rakesh’s dream go down with his life.

A battalion of soldiers proved to be what true heroes are and the fact does not restrict only to battle field. These army men took the responsibility of the sisters marriages, getting two of them already married. The 3rd sister too got married on the 30th of April for which the batch has collected Rs. 5 lakh to give and help their fellow soldier’s family. They also took off to be there at the wedding.

Nine years after Rakesh was killed by Maoists, his batchmates reunited to give his sister a special wedding ceremony.

Rakesh’s family only had one support and after his death the circumstances of the family had been that easy to bare. The siblings; Pratima, Prabha, Arti and Suresh though expressed their emotions and respect for the group of soldiers who are not any less than their brother. Losing a big brother still leaves a void in the family but now they have many brothers who not only keep a check on the family but are always there supporting the family in their possible ups-and-downs. The soldiers sticking for their brotherhood now keeps the family from missing out Rakesh’s presence.

Rakesh also received a Medal for gallantry –

Martyred in the Moaists encounter, Rakesh Chaurasia posthumous received gallantry award which was given to his mother Shobharani and father Gyandaas Chaurasia.

Dream of a soldier for his sister –

Rakesh, who belonged to Mahoba, Makalpura, Bihar, always used to talk about his sisters, said the CRPF officers. His only dream was to get them married in a grand ceremony. But before he could live up that event, the unfortunate Moaist encounter turned fatal for his life and plans.
Little did we realise that we are all going to go ahead with the plan god has made for us like it happened for the sisters. Deputy Commandant Ajay Saha, Rajdeep Gupta, Pankaj Modi, Prakashchand Badoliya, Vinay Kumar, and Deepak Tiwari were the friends who turned family when they took vow to make Rakesh’s dream come true.

The story of Friendship-

Their journey started with CRPF batch 38 at the Kadarpur Gurgaon Camp. December 27, 2006 was the date when 177 officers of the batch 38 were to be deployed after passing out. And their destiny brought them to the most sensitive Maoism influenced area of Sukma- Chintagufa. Away from their families, they were each other’s family, sharing all sorrows and happiness together.

On September 18th, 2009, an operation at Singhanmadgu of Chintagufa Thana area led to an encounter of the CRPF with the Moaists during which two of the CRPF officers; M. Manoranjan and Rakesh Chaurasia were martyred.

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