10 Indian Special Forces Which Are Lesser Known


India is the 7th largest country in the world and has one the most humongous armies in the word. And the magnificent country which we know as the Republic of India faces a constant threat from its dearest neighbours. The protection of this democratic country is a herculean task. So to do that, the Ministry of Defence and the Government of the Republic of India has set up special forces to instil constant vigilance and protect our country from repetitive attacks. Here are 10 of some Special Forces of India that protect our country and make Bharat Mata proud.

  1. The PARA Special Forces This is a special unit of the Indian Army which was derived from the Meghdoot Forces and were brought into action first during the Indo-Pakistan wars of 1965. It was one of India’s first units in the air and is one of the oldest in the world. The task of the Parachute Regiment of this Special Force is to deploy soldiers quickly behind enemies’ line of attack and to destroy their first line of defence.
Parachute regiment

2.  MARCOS: MARCOS was created by the Indian Navy in 1987 and is abbreviated for Marine Commandos. They were first deployed during Operation Pawan in 1988. Their main task is to provide direct action, help in wars in the waters and counter-terrorism. It also sees toughest of the training regimes and prepare the most mentally and physically stable commandos.

Joint IN and Russian VBSS team
Joint IN and Russian VBSS team

3. Garud Commando Force It is a unit of the Indian Air Force established in 2004. Its primary aim is to protect the Indian Air Force bases from terrorist attacks. The Garud trainees undergo a very stringent training lasting 72-weeks, the longest in all of the Special Forces of India, and so that it doesn’t go remiss, a trainee has to undergo 3 years of training to qualify as a Garud, ready for deployment. Their main tasks include protecting Air Force bases, carry out rescue operations in disaster-struck areas and many other missions to support air operations.

Garud Commando Forces
Garud Commando Forces

4. Ghatak Force: The Ghatak or killer force totally justifies its name and this infantry platoon moves ahead of a battalion, which goes in for the kill. Every battalion of the Indian Army has one ruthless Ghatak platoon. And it requires absolute mental and physical fitness and motivation to be a part of the Ghatak platoon of a battalion.

Ghatak Commandos
Ghatak Commandos

The soldiers in such platoons are equipped with high-tech arms and are well trained to handle situations such as terrorist attacks, counter intrusion and hostage situations.

5. COBRA- COBRA is abbreviated for Commando Battalion for Resolute Action and was formed to tackle Naxalites in India. The COBRA force is exclusively trained in guerrilla warfare to handle surprise attacks. It was established in 2008 and since its commencement has been successful in wiping out Naxalites in India. With a grant of Rs 13 00 crores, it is one of the best-equipped forces of India.


6. Force One:  The Force One was initiated in 2010 after the attacks of 26/11 in Mumbai. And since its creation has had the principle task of protecting the city of Mumbai from such attacks in the future, as it is forever under such threats. This force has the fastest response time amongst all special forces in India and responds to a situation in little under 15 minutes.


7.  Special Frontier Force It was established as a special force for covert operations to respond to any event of war with China after the War of 1962 between India and China. However, it has never been able to serve its purpose since its establishment and has mainly served as an elite special operation and as a force to counter intrusion. It mainly operates under the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of India. Being a classified force, it reports to the Prime Minister of India through the Directorate General of Security in the Secretariat.

Special Frontier Force
Special Frontier Force

8. National Security Guard It is India’s premium counter-terrorism force and it mainly provides security to the VIPs, conducts anti-sabotage checks and helps in neutralizing terrorist attacks. Its selection process is immensely strict and it sees trainees dropping out in the highest among all special forces trainees. It is a humongous task force of 7500 personnel which is divided between the Special Action Group and the Special Rangers Group.

9. The Special Protection Group The Special Protection Group is the supreme security force of the Government of India with the primary task of protecting the Prime Minister of India and his/her family members. Its job also includes the protection of the former Prime Ministers of India. Its tasks mainly include gathering intel, assessing threats and providing protection to the heads of the state.


10. The Central and State Armed Police Forces These are police units which deal with serious law and order situations and mostly come into play when there is a situation of riot, an imminent terrorist threat and in situation where law enforcement is required. The Central Armed Police Force is formed by the amalgamation of five security forces of India which come under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Central and State forces both are mostly disconnected with the general public and are of use in an uncontrollable situation of riots.


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