SSB Recommended in 6th Attempt in Merit AIR 24, Motivational Story of a Fighter


Milti hai manjhile har rahi ko ae humsafar, Agar to fakar chalne ki koshish toh kar. I am Aadarsh K.Moudgil from a village of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab border.

My journey to join Indian armed forces started back in 1999 when I was 5 years old only. It was the time of Kargil war. Capt. Vikram Batra PVC and Capt. Manoj Pandey PVC eventually became my inspiration & and a zeal to join Indian armed forces developed inside my heart. My father who was a Truck Driver by profession also wanted to see me there. But on 10th October 2000 my father expired and being the youngest of all the three kids I was broken from the inside. But our mother who was in her early thirties, brought up all of us as best as a father can. Our grandparents also took care of us. And it is their blessings that today I am here and sharing my success story with DefenceLover.

Back to my life, I was good at studies as my teachers say and scored the first position always. I completed my matriculation from a nearby Govt. Senior Secondary School with 80.14% marks, scoring the first position in Block. Then I cleared PAT examination scoring 10th position in my category and joined Govt. Poly. Sundernagar H.P. in Mech. Engg. Stream. Apart from the difficulties faced in studies and locality issues I eventually become favorite to my Professors here. I also joined NCC and Red Ribbon Club in college and an active member of the college Discipline Committee. Soon I was promoted to the rank of Senior Under Officer of the college unit and earned the Best Cadet Award in 2011.

I also took part in many extracurricular activities and even won a state level quiz competition in spite of the fact that my team members were not able to reach the quiz venue during State Tech fest 2010. I was also serving as the head of students discipline committee and also the commander of Guard Of Honor to the CM. I soon completed my diploma in 2012 and got a joining latter from a Pvt. Firm. But I always dreamed about to join Indian army as a commissioned officer. But it always required a grad. And because of our family’s poor financial condition, I left the college and joined a company. But I never left my dream, because it was the only reason of my life.

I joined AMIE Kolkata and started corresponding studies. Soon I joined another firm as Jr. Production Engineer only after having an exp of less than 6 months. I worked hard there. I used to go the office 6 o clock in the morning and returned to my home after 10 PM after traveling nearly 80 km daily. Then in August 2013, my brother went to Dubai and asked my mom to let me continue my studies. And hence I joined a Pvt. Engineering college in district Mandi by lateral entry.

My efforts were appreciated by many also had many bad experience too which are the part of our life. But I want to share an incident here also. In 4th semester, I was wrongly accused of complaining my professors to the management about the poor study. And as a result, many professors cut down my assessment and I was only able to score 68% in that semester. I spoke with my mom and elder brother about it. I wanted to complain about it but thinking about other fellow students they asked me to keep calm. My mom said my 68% of my hard work is equal to 88% to her, what else I need in life. And I punched as I always forgive my enemies but never forget their name. I punched the same line to the professor and brought this issue in the notice of our HOD, who was a very gentle and nice person. They assured me to look into the matter and promised that it will not be repeated to any student. Soon I forgave all and have good relationships with the same professors as they realized it was only a misconception. Again, I won many prizes and recommendations from the staff here.

In April 2016 I attended my first SSB at Bhopal but got conferenced out. As you all are very much aware of SSB I will not talk about the procedure. On the evening I reached home I left for Bilaspur to attend state police rally to just secure my future. My due to the continuous traveling and bad health I got ground out. I get back to home, rested for one day and then left for Noida to attend Indian Coast Guards yantrik exam, which I already had cleared back in 2012, but not attended the medicals. I cleared the written and ground on the same day. But got the medical issue. I was asked to report RR Delhi. The day I reached there, it was saturday and because of OT, it was not the day for my medicals. Then I spoke with the president sir of the medical board and they asked the NA to carry out my medicals by the day as on Tuesday I was having my final examination of 8 semester. But due to non-availability of the doctor, my medical was not done.

I got back the college and attended my exams. And hence not able to join coast guard. I had next SSB in the month of July for Afcat and NCC special entry. I was confident but got screened out in both. I was screwed completely in these three-four months. But never the less I didn’t lose the hope and cleared CDS. While I was going to attend SSB at Allahabad on 6th Nov 2016 in the night. My wallet was stolen at Delhi railway station and I was completely out of money and all id cards along with atm were lost, even my cell was not working. I immediately lodged an FIR and called my elder brother and explained all the situation. He asked me to return but the soldiers never quit. So I convinced him to let me go.

I boarded the train on FIR pass and met with a gentleman S.I. Dheeraj Kumar who was also a defence aspirant working in CISF. We had a lot of discussion about each other and he asked me to look for other job options also. He even helped me financially even after a strong refusal. And thanks to him we are still friends. I reached the Allahabad attended SSB. And thanks to the staff of 18 Board who allowed me to attend SSB without admit card. I got screened in. At the same night, demonetization was imposed and I was not able to get any help from my family. during individual obstacle, I fell down from commando walk ladder but still managed to clear 12-13 obstacles. On the conference day, I was not able to make in the recommendation list. So I came back and joined a firm as asst. Sales manager. But as soldiers never quit nor die. I again went for SSB at Kapurthala for NCC entry and got screened out from the same board twice. It was the shock. A big disappointment this time. I was broken completely.

I cried, yes I cried again and again. I cried that much only after the death of my grandparents. I have lost all my confidence for once. So I came back and get involved in my job and MBA. You can say due to that disappointment or due to career pressure, continuous work and traveling of 100 km daily to my ofc at Baddi I have lost myself. I missed 3-4 SSB opportunities in 2017. Then in March 2018. I moved to Jaipur. One thing that I want to tell all of you and many of you might have faced that because of continuous failure I was not able to sleep in nights. I always see the uniform in my dreams asking don’t h have that in you. I was having my next to SSB in April and may back to back for NCC and SSC tech resp. Also, the exams of MBA last sem were there in June. I was not able to get that much leave. Soon discussions with my mom and brother, I resigned. (Continued on Page 2).

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