Super-secret Indian submarine that sunk PNS Ghazi


It was the time of 1971 when there was huge military and diplomatic activities can be observed all over South-Asian region. As expected war broke out between Indian and Pakistan for the 3 time in just 24 years, both the nation fought battles with massive bloodshed on the both side. There were ferocious battles taking place in air and land, but Pakistan opened a new dimension for the war when they started challenging India’s naval might.

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Indian military was preparing for the battle in 1971 since a long time that’s why they placed the only aircraft carrier INS Vikrant (R11) at Vishakhapatnam Port to haves strong grip ensured over East-Pakistan which was established by Indian Army and Indian Navy, despite having the numerous advice to develop strong naval establishment in Eastern Pakistan but PN commander ignored, Indian Navy successfully isolated East-Pakistan which leads to the desperate action of Pakistan’s Navy.

INS Vikrant (R11)


25th November 1971, Pakistani’s naval intelligence confirmed the presence of INS Vikrant and the only capable weapon of Pakistan to destroy Vikrant was PNS Ghazi, despite facing opposition of many senior commanders of Pakistani Navy due to the doubt on submarine’s combat worthiness, Ghazi started its voyage towards Indian water with main objective to destroy INS Vikrant but the submarine was 10 days late to its scheduled due to its unfit condition and several others incident on board, they missed Vikrant which is now stationed somewhere in Andaman that’s why they have to change their priority and they decided to lay off mines in the hope to cripple Indian Naval vessels.


The unconfirmed secret

Note: The information is taken out as reference from from a book name “Blue Fish”

 When PNS Ghazi was busy laying the mines, INS Rajput who left Vishakhapatnam port after having specific intel of the presence of the Pakistani submarine in the region hence the primary task assigned to INS Rajput was to locate and engage PNS Ghazi but there is one more Indian vessel in the water that day, Indian reports says INS Rajput hunt down the Pakistani Submarine but there is another story which surfaced recently that a secret submarine of Indian Navy named as S-21.

Rare pic of S-21

S-21 was reportedly underwater for 18 days on the mission only to  hunt down PNS Ghazi, it is believed that S-21 discovered the position of PNS Ghazi in the haystack of Indian ocean while PNS Ghazi was busy in laying mines without having any clue about Indian submarine around, though PNS Ghazi spotted INS Rajput getting ready to engage Indian destroyer but in between this S-21 fired torpedoes towards PNS Ghazi after successfully locked their torpedo tubes towards PNS Ghazi, by the time they understood that they are being locked by an Indian vessel its very late, Indian torpedoes were on the run to hit and shattered the pride of Pakistan.

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