Superpower to Indian Army by DRDO


Suppose you are in middle of a ferocious battle, totally pin downed by the heavy artillery firing of the enemy and you can’t even able to understand from which direction they are raining shells on you, that will be the complete nightmare.

DRDO who is India’s premier defence research and development organisation developed a sophisticated battlefield surveillance system which is categorised as Weapon Locating Radar (WLR). India tried hard to get hands on American An/TPQ – 37 but due to Pokhran test America didn’t gave the Indians the sophisticated technology.

After issuing RFI and evaluating radars from different compani Thompson-CSF (France), ISKARA (Ukraine) and even the American radar too, Indian Army didn’t find anyone of them according to issued GSQR. DRDO came up with the plan to develop WLR which is a quite tough job for DRDO cause they haven’t been into such work before but whatever they gonna find in future will shock them and their capabilities analysts.

WLR is quite similar to American An/TPQ-37 but more convenient to operate, after seeing the capabilities of PESA in Rajendra DRDO planned to integrate PESA as base scanning platform. During the test of AKASH SAM, the scientist also got traces of artillery shells being fired on nearby ranges and than DRDO realise that something similar to Rajendra can be utilised as WLR after some research WLR came into shape.

Rajendra Radar

The performance of the system was evaluated and mentioned below:

  • It can track 81 mm Mortars from the distance of 2–20 km
  • 105 mm Gun rounds can be seen from 2–30 km and Unguided Rockets from 4–40 km




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