Terrorists Sponsored from Pakistan are using high end Chinese military weapons


Kashmir has been the most important security concern of India since independence. While most of us know that Pakistan is holding a major portion of Kashmir. Many of us remain ignorant to the fact that a large portion of Indian land is also illegally occupied by China. This area is known as Aksai Chin.

During the 1962 war china took hold of this land and has never since left it, it claims it as its own now. While the Line of Control acts as a border between India and Pakistan.  A very similar border named Line of actual control acts as a border between India and China.

It is no secret to the world that Pakistan and China are in bed together. Planning and plotting against India. This infamous affair started when Pakistan illegally gifted china a part of its Kashmir.

Ever since the love between the two nations have been increasing. China uses Pakistan as a satellite state to exert pressure over India. Pakistan being an arch rival of India and weak against India needed a strong power to protect itself. Fortunately China was also looking for a pimp who whom it can use against India.

Line Of Control

A widely known fact in the world is that Pakistan supports terrorism in Kashmir and is behind all this bloodshed in the valley. It is also no secret that china supports Pakistan in anti India activities.

Recently some new facts came in the eyes of the Indian agencies; the militants in Kashmir are using high end military weapons which are made in China. These weapons claimed the life of Indian soldier piercing through their bullet proof armour.  This is proof enough that the Pakistani military and ISI are providing help and assistance to the militants in the Kashmir valley.

This incident puts a question mark on the Chinese intentions too. Would they let terrorists use their weapons against innocent people?

Things haven’t been quite stable between India and china due to the recent developments on the border but both of the nations should understand that id two of the fastest growing economies starts conspiring against each other then it is not good news for rest of the world .Both the nations are in a situation where one cannot dominate or influence the actions of other nations.

While the arch rivalry between Pakistan and India could not be ended. But India and china have to shake hands again. A war between these two giants would not be limited to a small skirmish and the whole world would be pulled into it.

actual map of Jammu and Kashmir

While Pakistan is a failed state and has nothing to lose but its ego. Both India and china are world power and a showdown between these two would simply mean disaster for both the economies.

The world now has enough proof against Pakistan and India should consider approaching the UN for sanctions against Pakistan. India could also use its influence on other nations to cut trade ties with Pakistan. The government should also approach the current Trump administration to stop funding Pakistan.