That’s how Pakistani spies talk about Indian Armed Forces


India and Pakistan have never shared good relations in the history, They have fought 4 major wars, several conflicts in various areas and Pakistan sponsored insurgency in Kashmir is not new to world but there are wars which are fought in the shadows.

The war between the intelligence services of India and Pakistan, both have tried and inflict damage to each other through the intelligence agencies but India has always beaten Pakistan.

India’s premier external intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing also famous as R&AW work 24/7, 365 days to counter their enemies which are known as Inter-Service Intelligence or ISI, though both the agencies are listed among top 10 intelligence agencies of the world but clashes and captured with each other are normal day routine for these organization.

Similar cases came into light when two ISI agents were arrested, Intelligence bureau, which is one of the oldest intelligence agencies of the world and currently look over the internal matters of the nation picked up information about two ISI informants named as Satram Maheshwari and his nephew Vinod were arrested and questioned.

They revealed their network with ISI and also tell about the Major rank officer in ISI, whom they were reporting.

Satnam revealed the code word which he was using to send information about Indian Army establishments and movements, he revealed that they use specific words to send information about any equipment, they classified Indian Air Force as birds and Indian Army as spiders.

It’s quite funny to see such agents of ISI using code words like kids, more information will be taken out from them and appropriate action would be taken by the agency.

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