These Dogs Loyally Served The Indian Army, Now You Can Adopt Them


Dogs are Man’s best friend, it’s an honest saying because dogs are loyal, they give unconditional love and are obedient. In military, dogs play a vital role in saving lives of humans. They do jobs which humans can’t do. Dogs get same respect and honor in every armed forces around the world.

Indian Army also use these four-legged heroes for various tasks. They are well trained to assist personnel in various combat situations. They spent most of their life doing this.

But have you ever thought what happens once the military dogs get retired?

After retirement, these comrades who served our country and saved hundreds of life’s in their service life, are shifted to an old age home for rest of their life.

Here is a great opportunity for the dogs lovers to give these four-legged heroes a forever home. Yes you here right! you can adopt one of these.

The process of adoption for military dog is little different from adopting a regular dog. But finally you are getting a highly trained and skilled dog for free. It’s totally worth it!

The post by Anita Deshpande on Facebook moves us to do something for these brave dogs.

Calling India to do your bit for our retired K9 soldiers.

I wonder how many of you are aware of this. Once an army dog gets old ( 8 – 9 yrs) he/ she is given an honourable retirement and shifted to this old home for dogs at RVC centre Meerut where they remain for the rest of their lives. All the dogs here are also available for adoption by dog lovers free of cost. Though they are old (8 +) they are highly trained and most of them (at least those who are below 10) are extremely fit and sprightly. They are adopted both by individuals and by units as guard dogs. Some of these dogs have even been awarded a COAS commendation. Application should be addressed to
RVC Centre & College
Meerut Cantt
Meerut – 250001

Calling India to do your bit for our retired K9 soldiers. #AdoptDontShop #K9India #K9Soldier…

Posted by Anita Deshpande on Sunday, April 29, 2018

These retired army dogs are waiting for you to take them home, Will You?

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