What are Some things that are Wrong about Dogfights in Video Games?


We have all played video games on fighter jets fighting with each other and sometimes we win it and sometimes we don’t. Let us have a reality check and see.

1. Firing missiles and dropping bombs is not child’s play. Dropping bombs over a specified target takes immense preparation. Firing missiles at will is not true, every missile fired needs permission from fighter controller unless engaged in a high risk dogfight.

2. You cannot engage in a dogfight for long periods of time. Pilot fatigue and fuel consumption are factors that constantly need to be checked.

3. Most of the maneuvers in a game are not aerodynamically possible.

4. There is no option of restarting a mission. Once dead, you are dead forever.

5. The weather is not always so clear and enemy aircrafts cannot be spotted so easily. Situation awareness of a pilot will not be so accurate and precise.

6. It just takes one bullet, or one shrapnel from a missile to damage your aircraft.

7. There is an operational ceiling, above which an aircraft cannot climb.

8. Most importantly, landing on carriers and for that matter, even on runways is not that easy.

9.  The control surfaces are usually not so sensitive to take immediate response at slow speeds, in the games it is usually uniform at all speeds

10. Fighter flying takes balls of steel, not high quality plastic on the gamepad.

This beautiful answer was written by Alcatraz Dey on Quora. You must check him to find more interesting stuff on aerospace and defence.

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