This Organization is Building Realtime Women Commandos – WOMCOM


We come across incidents of rape and eve teasing, and it has only increased in the recent past. Unless, we train every single woman in self defence, the situation will only get more uncomfortable. Looking forward in that direction, the WOMCOM training program has launched a campaign to build women commandos to combat any situation.

The WOMCOM Training Program: Building Realtime women commandos to combat real life situations – was launched on the 4th of August 2018. 

The training program module is as follows:

  1. Uncomfortable incidents/situations that women face on a daily basis. What should be done and how to handle oneself in such situations. 
  2. Situation based drills – while travelling using public transport (bus,cab, train) or commuting late at night. 
    • Handling such situations with tact and presence of mind. 
    • Learning to lead one’s life without guilt or regret, especially post such incidents. 
  3. Domestic Violence – 
    • Effective and practical ways to handle oneself. 
    • What should and can be done. 
  4. General Fitness Drills:
    • Breathing techniques and physical exercises to keep oneself fit and healthy. 
    • Awareness and understanding of the female and male body; soft spots & strength areas. 
  5. Eating right: Healthy eating, making a lifestyle change and feeling good in the process. 
  6.  Confidence Building
    • Body Language
    • To be responsive rather than reactive
    • The power of the mind;positive thinking
  7. Safety Tips: General awareness on safety – Behaviour, Attitude, Presence of mind etc.
  8. Growth: 
    • Belief in & Appreciation of self
    • Proactive Behaviour
    • Giving Priority to self

All these important points make a women aware of self defence and is really important. The first Wom Com event held on 4th August, 2018. About the Founder-

Dipika Trehan

Dipika is the founder of The H.O.W. (Health Of Women) Forum. The forum is about her journey from a young girl to a woman to a mother to finally ‘Finding Herself’. A story of self-belief, falling, rising, realizing and making her dream come true of being Physically-Emotionally and Spiritually fit. The H.O.W. Forum is proud to be an Alumnus of The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in Business and an Affiliate organisation member of ALL (All Ladies WEF3League, organiser of The Women Economic Forum).

The H.O.W. Forum is a community in the making to promote and ensure the holistic health and fitness of a Woman. You can join the moment by joining their Facebook group here, for more details you can visit their website here.

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