This Unit Of Indian Army Pledges To Donate Their All Organs, Salute!


In India, the organ donation isn’t the thing that everyone is interested in. People don’t realize the importance and the need of other people who die due to non-availability of the organ. While death takes you away, your organs can stay and save another life and this has been realized by Indian Army.

To give a boost to the donation of organs, an entire Indian Territorial Army(TA) unit has taken the pledge to donate their organs lately.  The TA 123 Infantry Battalion is a voluntary unit of the Indian Territorial Army which was established on 1st November 1956 by Lt Cool Zorawar Singh. The Indian Territorial Army is affiliated to the Grenadiers Regiment of the Indian Army.

Indian Army

The pledge of the organ donation by the Indian Territorial Army has been made applied in New Delhi. The applications of the unit of the organ donation have been submitted to the Armed Forces Organ, Retrieval and Transplant Auth i.e., AORTA, Army Hospital (R&R).

Colonel GS Chundawat, VrC, the commanding officer of the unit while speaking to ANI, “This is done with the support of the Research and Referral (R&R) hospital of the Armed Forces. Every soldier of the Unit has pledged his organs in writing. After the R&R issues a card to every volunteer.”

Jammu & Kashmir youth taking pledge while joining Army

Their pledge to donate organs will be an inspiration to the citizens as army men spend Ttheir lives to protect the country while they are alive and they are ready to help the countrymen even after they will not alive.

Organs such as bone tissues, kidneys, eyes, heart, liver, small intestine, skin tissue, and veins are donated for the motive to transplant the organs of the needy people. The organ donation proves a miracle for the society and for the people who need it. The organ donation is a noble cause and by donating organs, donor saves the life of recipients.

The donation of the organ is encouraged throughout the world to promote organ donation, the country’s government has established various systems to encourage people to donate their organs. However, the demand for organs is still very high compared to their supply.

Indian Territorial Army (TA) unit has pledged to donate their organs

The TA take the pledge to donate organs. It is the unit which was established on October 9, 1949, by C Rajagopalachari who was the Governor General of India at that time.

TA is a voluntary, part-time civilian army that provides the opportunity to get military training to the citizens of our country and to provide military service with peace and war during the army’s regiment. Territorial Army performs the role to help civilian officials to provide regular services in regular duties, relieving the regular army, dealing with natural disasters, and in situations where there is an impact on life or threat to the safety of the country.