Three Unusual Bulletproof Body Armor That Can Face Even The Deadliest Attack


A bulletproof vest is an item of personal armor that helps absorb or reduce or stop penetration to the body from firearm-fired projectiles. It is worn on the torso to protect from uninvited threats. But there are a few non typical ways to stop bullets cold. These three are not the typical ways to stop bullets which include Slime, foam, glass and they are the most outstanding body armor breakthroughs of the year 2017. So, here are the details of three not-so-typical bulletproof body armor.

1. Slime Body Armor

Hagfish Slime

The slime is of 330 million year old creature from Hagfish and it could be the key to provide next-level bulletproof armor. It is monstrous-looking, cruel Hagfish lives in deep depths of ocean and bites the marine floors for food. Its fibres are ultra-strong and flexible. It is so powerful that it is the key to avoid extinction after extinction.

Hagfish in spite of looking like snakes, doesn’t have any scales. Through releasing slimes, it protects itself from threats. The only foot-length Hagfish comes with hundreds of miles of slime: it can increase 10,000 times in milliseconds.

Experts of Navy Surface Warfare Center in Panama City Division of Florida are studying Hagfish slime to use it for military applications. They believe that it can be used to make bulletproof armor, which is more robust and lighter than the currently available – even Kevlar.

2. Foam Body Armor


Through this foam, even armor-piercing pills can not pass through. It has the capacity to destroy the bullet.

It is a special type of foam called CMF (composite metal foam) which is developed in North Carolina State University. In the tests, the foam body armor shot with 7.62 x 63 mm M2 armor-piercing pills and the effect was frozen by the foam on them in powder.

Military and law enforcement can use such foam for advanced, ultra-light body armor to protect personnel from this incredibly dangerous, life-threatening round. The NCSU team is also working on a foam in which there is a possibility of keeping the army and first radioactive radiation and extreme heat.

3. Glass Body Armor

Invisible Armor

American naval research lab scientists have already developed a remarkable transparent(glass) armor that is lightweight and still offers excellent protection.

There is essentially invisible protection through this almost transparent armor bullet. And if the body armor of the future maintains some hits, then they can be thanked for their special materials. War fighters can fix it on the fly with something as simple as a hot plate and armor itself will get back together.

Through this bullet proof glass, you can see it and it prevents bullets also.

Armor can help reduce the effect of the explosion waves due to something like the IED explosion, which could possibly help in preventing the fear of brain. It has also shown during the test.

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