5 Essential Tips That Can Improve Your SSB Interview Dramatically


SSB stands for Service Selection Board. After clearing the SSB, you get recommended to the Indian Army, Air Force and Indian Navy. In 2017, the interview dates will be announced in few days for SSB exams. There are many questions that the defence aspirants have on SSB. May be reading a few books on SSB can help but these points always come in handy. Just go with flow, be confident and try not doing anything stupid in front of the GTO because they are faster than you think.

We write some very basic tips which should be kept in mind while facing an SSB interview.

1. Communication Skills– SSB tests your communication skills on different levels, many candidates face problem in communication when a lot of people are around. We all face anxiety when we have stage fear, we have to work a little on it to get past away the fear. When we are surrounded by a lot of people, we feel a little nervous and it’s geniune. We can come of that, just be doing some simple things during the interview. To excel in communication skills, you should do few things listed below:

* Listen- Listening is a very important skill, it means how much you are taking something in your head and it requires silence.
* Keep your posture straight, speak politely, and don’t shout or speak loudly. It is very important to stay calm when others are making their point and also, its important to speak when you get a chance.
* Remember speaking less is not a problem, but your point should be precise.
* Aggressiveness in any discussion isn’t good, let the other person complete his part than     speak.
* Always back your point with facts and examples.

2. Writing Skills–  Your writing skills makes you stand apart from other candidates and there is only one way to improve your writing skills, read and read more. Reading is one thing and reading right thing is another, for SSB preparation, reading newspaper is considered as one of the best options. It will not only increase your word power but also make you aware about the current affairs happening around you. We suggest that you write many mock tests and attempt SSB questions before going to the final interview.

3. False input to Interview Officer– Certain SSB Candidates give false information in confusion or by their will. Many think that this trick will work for their selection. The IO is especially trained to pick such tricks and kick out the candidates who do such things, to perform well and step ahead towards selection keep your responses genuine. Always remember he is ahead in every game than you and it’s good to be speak truth because they can read your gestures and analyze your way of speaking.

4. Keep it natural- Fake personality is a radium in dark, any fake posture or attitude can land in you in the dumb zone of the SSB interview. Always try to showcase your personality and quality in real manner, generally candidates try to make hype of anything but that will not work in SSB. Whatever facts you put must be true during the Group discussion because any wrong thing uttered by you could put you in a danger zone.

5. Stay calm and Stay Focused– The last but the most important aspect, SSB is not less than a battlefield, you have to make quick decisions and moves to survive. After all, the whole selection process works on the rule of survival of the fittest, your calmness and your patience will help to conquer the battle for your selection.

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