To Fight Any ‘Short And Swift War’ With Pakistan at Short Notice, India Plans New Airbase at Gujarat


Nirmala Sitharaman, the Indian Politician currently serving as the Defence Minister Of India is the second female who became the Defence Minister. It’s been two months of her serving in the office of defence, she is planning a new fighter aircraft base for the IAF. The location of the likely airbase in Gujarat will be near neighbouring country of India, Pakistan. This planning to set up airbase close to Pakistan is to allow efficient and effective response.

The facility of Deesa located in Banaskantha district is close to the border and it is expected that there is a possibility to bridge the auspicious corridors in the state, which are already the major base of fighters in Bhuj and Nalia in Kutch and Jamnagar in Saurashtra region.


According to the statement of senior sources of the Air Force given to Mail Today, “The IAF has been planning to set up a new airbase in Deesa in Gujarat which has been in the files for the last many years. Due to the new Defence Minister’s push, the plan is now moving fast towards reality.”

When Sitharaman took charge as Defence Minister of India in September, she visited Jamnagar as her first visit. During this visit, the officials discussed the plan of airbase to the Defence Minister. In the last few weeks, the proposal has been moving rapidly to reach the cabinet committee of the Security Council headed by the Prime Minister in the near future.


Air Chief BS Dhanoa announced that in less than a month, this development is ready to fight a ‘short and intense war’ at a short period of time and the ability to fix the government limits is beyond the threshold.

As per the sources, the pending proposals and suggestions are brought to the notice during the new team regional tour of the Ministry of Defence.

The project of setting up airbase in Deesa has been on hold due to procedural issues. In the past, the proposal had been discussed many times with ministry of Defence.

Due to the increasing economic activities on the Gujarat coastline which are petroleum refineries and new ports being built, the need to set up airbase has been demanded. This airbase in Deesa will address the huge distance between Barmer Air Force Station in Rajasthan and in Gujarat’s air force stations.


This new airbase will be used as training base for IAF’s rookie pilots. Also it will be used for operating remotely piloted vehicles. Recently, under at the Jodhpur air Force station, a new aircraft SU-30MKI has been deployed along with a new ground-based air defence systems on the western front.

As India is developing its airfields on both sides i.e., China and Pakistan, it seems that it is preparing for two-front war with both the countries.