Top 3 deadliest aircraft of Indian Air Force


Indian Air Force is one of the most powerful airforces in the world, with the giant fleet of 1720+ aircrafts. Indian Air Force or IAF is growing fast, the growth of IAF is necessary for the safety of the nation because India have 2 war fronts. On the East side of the border, India is facing the mighty Chinese Armed Forces and on the west there is Pakistan, which is not so powerful yet capable to inflict heavy damage to India.

Indian Air Force has participated in 3 wars and defended the national interest even by going out of their cards, they had faced more powerful and advance enemy in history but now the scene has changed a little, Indian Air Force is not the same as it was in the previous wars.

The IAF SU 30 displaying at Aero India 2009 at Air Force Station, Yelahanka, in Bengaluru on February 09, 2009. P.C. – Indian Defence Analysis

Indian Air Force is a defensive force but there is a little change in the tactic, now they believe in the concept of offence is the best defence because heaven reside under the shade of sword. So here is the list of the swords of IAF in the event of war.

Su-30 MKi


Su-30Mki is India’s ace of spade when it comes to air power demonstration, Su-30Mki is one of the most advance flanker in the world, when India bought it was nothing special but India upgraded the flanker and made it world class.

Su-30Mki have Panthar PESA radar which is capable to search area up to 400 Km and scan upto 200 Km, flanker is also called Mini AWEC due to its powerful radar. Su-30Mki has tremendous range of 3000 Km, it has a speed of Mach 2(2100 Km/hr) with climbing rate of 300 m/s.

Su-30Mki has 12 hard points on which it can carry various type of ammunition weigh up to 8 tons including precision guided bombs, Air to Air missiles, Air to Surface missiles and even supersonic cruise missiles. Su-30MKi is one of the finest fighter in the world and can be consider as backbone of the Indian Air Force.


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You can’t imagine Indian Air Force without Mig’s, Indian Air Force is operating Mig’s since very long time. Indian Air Force also have Mig-29’s, Mig-29 UPG is currently one of the advance fighters in the world and the best among all the Mig-29’s. IAF has recently upgraded their Mig-29’s in the Mig-29 UPG. Indian Air Force Mig-29 UPG is very similar to the SMT variant but Indian version is unique it has foreign-made avionics suites.

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The upgraded Mig’s have Zhuk-M AESA radar, a IFR probe for advancement in dog fights and enhanced RD-33 series 3 turbofan engines.


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India bought 49 Mirage aircrafts, in which 42 were single-seaters and 7 were two-seaters in 1980’s. They were one of the most sophisticated aircraft of that time and Indian Air Force had never tried their hands of Delta-Wing designed aircrafts. When Mirage’s came into service, they changed the perspective of Indian Air Force in the field of multi-role fighters.

p.c. – Airliners

Mirage-2000 serving in the Indian Air Force since decades and now they are getting up upgrades from Mirage 2000 to Mirage 2000I in which are fitted with the Thales RDY 2 radar, a helmet-mounted display, new avionics, and the ability to fire new weapons including the MICA missile.The new jets were re-designated Mirage 2000I for the single-seat version and Mirage 2000TI for the twin-seat version.

Indian Air Force is now evolving in a very advance Air Force and will believe in complete air superiority with new aircrafts like Dassault Rafael, India made Tejas. India is also engaged in a joint project with Russia to develop their 5th generation fighter aircraft named as PAK-FA, India is also known developing its own 5th generation fighter FGFA, which is under development phase and will be flying in tricolour very soon.

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