Top Secret: Why Russia’s S-500 Capabilities Are Unbeatable

S-400 thumbnail
S-400 thumbnail

During the cold war, when the west was busy in developing fighter aircrafts and naval vessels with the most advanced technology available, Russia(The Soviet Union that time) was working on a very simple, effective and economic solution to the problems created by the west. Russians were moving ahead with the perception that “A million dollar missile can destroy a billion dollar carrier or aircraft”.

After half a century, Russia is again on the same track. When the west has successfully developed fifth-generation fighters who offer stealth and very advanced weapon delivery, Russia reacted according to its ancestors. Russians developed S-400 Air Defence System. S-400 is highly advance missile system which intercept and destroy almost all kind of aerial targets from drones to ballistic missiles or from cruise missiles to fifth generation fighters.

S-400 launching its intercepter
S-400 launching its interceptor

After surprising west by S-400, Russia is now preparing to bring the ultimate nightmare and apex predator of western weapon system. Russia has developed S-500, which is currently undergoing state tests. Unlike S-400 whose interceptor range is 400 Km with 40N6 missiles, S-500 will have range of 600 km. Pavel Sozinov, Chief engineer of the Russian defence corporation Almaz-Antey said S-500 would be able to engage targets in the upper layer atmosphere. The missile can touch the altitude of around 100 Kilometer.

The S-500 is mainly developed to intercept the ballistic missile and the growing community of hyper-sonic missiles. S-500 can intercept 7-8 ballistic missiles at once which are travelling up to 7 km/s. Another variant is also designed to destroy combat block of hyper-sonic missiles. It has a capability to engage target at an altitude of 200 kilometers.

S-400 "Triumf"
S-400 “Triumf”

According to Zvezda, “it is safe to say already now that Russia has created the world’s first multi-stage air defense system, that will reliably protect the country from massive missile strikes”. Russian Deputy Defence Minister, Yury Borisove said that the S-500 systems is being supplied to the Russian Aerospace Forces.

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