How tough Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BMW is?


The fourth largest military, seventh largest economy, land of extreme diversity and home of almost every religion in the world are enough things to define what India is, India is heading towards the title of world superpower and not everyone is liking it, the best way to cripple the development of any country and spreading chaos is to assassinate its prime minister or its supreme leader.

When the leader gets down the morale of the country also goes down with it, India had 2 painful incidents in the past in which it’s prime minister were assassinated.

In 1984 India’s first lady prime minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her own 2 two Sikh bodyguards who were brainwashed due to the decision of Indira Gandhi to storm Sikh’s holy place in Amritsar to execute terrorist and rebels hiding inside the temple. 7 years later the successor of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in 1991 by LTTE in an election campaign rally in Sriperumbudur.

Remains of clothing worn by Rajiv Gandhi during his assassination
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The situation has changed from those dark days of India Politics, Nowadays security agencies are very active and keep their ears straight when it come to security of Indian Prime Ministers, massive changes can be observed in the doctrines, protocols and equipment of the security agencies.

Equipments used by Prime Minister’s bodyguard which is a dedicated force named as Special Protection Group consist one very important thing, without it Prime Minister can’t even leave his house and that is his car, which offers security like a light tank.
Prime Minister’s Ride – BMW Series 7
Prime Minister Office provide BMW Series 7 760 Li is one of the most well-protected cars in the world, use to carry one of the most important people in the world that is Prime Minister of India.

BMW Series 7 is a fast and agile vehicle, it isn’t very long and heavy that help it to skip through ambushes and firefights easily, its acceleration power can push the vehicle at 100 Km/hr in just 6.2 seconds.

The vehicle of the prime minister offers protection from almost every small arms and can even survive a gas attack, the cabin turns into a gas proof chamber with its own oxygen supply. The car can cover long distance even when it’s tires are completely flat.

This model meets highest available ballistic protection class B6/B7, Vehicle offers Intercom system with hidden microphones and speakers to allow safe communication with people outside the vehicle without the necessity of opening doors and windows.

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