Trump sends Lieutenants to Pakistan with tough message and Warns them

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 15: US President Donald Trump delivers remarks following a meeting on infrastructure at Trump Tower, August 15, 2017 in New York City. He fielded questions from reporters about his comments on the events in Charlottesville, Virginia and white supremacists. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

After supporting Pakistan for decades the United States is finally realizing its mistake. The United States started giving aids to Pakistan during the cold war; the aim was to fund Taliban. The soviets captured Afghanistan during the cold war. The Americans were afraid that Pakistan may fall into the soviet area of influence if they did not give funds to it.

While one cannot simply remain ignorant to the fact that Taliban one the biggest threat to United States but things were not always the same. The United States and Taliban has a symbiotic relationship. The US provided money, weapons and logistical support to the Taliban and in return they took the fight to the soviets without directly involving the capitalistic world.

No one would know that the Americans were digging their own graves. Eventually the Taliban turned on the United States and became one of its biggest enemies. But still the Americans did not stop giving aids to Pakistan in name of anti-terror operations.

The whole world knew that this money eventually helped the terrorists. The United States did so as this time they were afraid that Pakistan may came into the Chinese influence if they stopped funding. These aids were also given to Pakistan to fight India as Americans considered India as their enemy because of our friendship with soviets.


But things have changed now. Pakistan has almost become a puppet states in Chinese hands and India and United States has a very warm relationship. After the decision of moving out from Afghanistan the United States government is clear that the funds given to Pakistan are used against their interest only.

India is no longer their enemy and Pakistan is in Chinese hands now. The current Trump administration is very critical of these aids. Donald Trump accused Islamabad of providing safe haven to “agents of chaos”.

Donald Trump will dispatch his top diplomatic and military advisers to Pakistan in the coming weeks, turning up the heat on a nuclear-armed ally accused of harbouring terror groups. Washington has long been frustrated by Pakistan’s willingness to offer cross-border safe havens to Taliban factions and armed jihadist groups fighting US troops and their Afghan allies.

Budding India-US relations

If the United States stops giving aids to Pakistan then it would adversely fall into crisis situation. The country is highly dependent on foreign growth for the development of its crumbling economy and would not be able to even stand against India if these aids stop. Its economy would fall. The Chinese would never be able to fulfil the gap left by the withdrawal of US money.

China would finally be able to make Pakistan its colony because it would become totally depended. But the good thing would be the end of global terrorism. Pakistan would no longer be able to sponsor terrorists against India.

Pakistani people protesting against United States

But the question would the United States be willing to do this or are these mere threats to woo the New Delhi whose support they desperately need in countries like Afghanistan. Surely if the Americans completely shed their ties with Pakistan then they would be able to win a powerful ally like India. But only time would tell what is the fate of Pakistan.