UNPRECEDENTED: 21 Persons Including 18 Army Officers Send Legal Notice to Akshay Kumar, Twinkle Khanna Over Auction of Naval Officer Uniform


In a move which has never been done before, 18 army officers, 11 serving army officers, with seven retired army officers with one air force officer and one navy wife has sent a legal notice to Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna to stop the auction of the naval uniform.

The movement that started with Lt. Col Sandeep Ahlawat’s rebuttal to Twinkle Khanna on Facebook and many people came together and supported the voice raised by army officer. He wrote infuriated, “Uniform is earned with your blood, toil and sweat which is placed on the mortal remains of a soldiers along with the tricolour”.  It galvanized into something so big that the movement has reached to the next level. The copy of notice is also forwarded to Defence Minister so that the action is stopped. DefenceLover has accessed the copy of legal notice.

The legal notice says that the uniforms that resemble those of armed forces poses a grave threat to national security, as the uniform’s badges and insignia could pass for genuine clothing and can easily reach anti national elements who can use it to foment trouble.

Even after Lt. Col Sandeep Ahlawat asking to cease and desist to Twinkle Khanna, she remained adamant and she also said that it is the uniform is film memorabilia and she will auction it. Serving Army officer Sandeep Ahlawat says, if the uniform is film memorabilia and can be auctioned, will Akshay Kumar also auction the Indian flag which was hoisted in the movie  ‘Airlift’ as that is also film memorabilia.

A uniform is not just a piece of cloth, with ribbon and rank which is given by president of India has emotions, on those emotions a soldier gives his everything for the nation.

The legal notice has been sent by 19 serving officers and one naval wife led by Lt. Col Sandeep Ahlawat. A few days back, he pointed and said that he won’t let the auction happen and has moved to the next level with his legal notice. It’s time that the celebrities should understand that they cannot get away with anything.

Lt Col Sandeep Ahlawat( all copyrights with DefenceLover)

A uniform is like a flag of the unit, service or the nation and there are legal protocols and procedures to handle it, which goes with emotions, dignity and formality which are agreed by opinions. A soldier fights for naam, namak and nishaan whose physical manifestation is the uniform. Honour in uniform is priceless, sacrosanct and trumps all.

Even Akshay Kumar who keeps a record of working in so many patriotic them movies, said that he cannot help it if even veterans or officers’ sentiments are being hurt. It is obvious that one is still not mature about understanding of the feelings and emotions attached with the uniform.

Akshay’s and Twinkle Khanna’s response is awaited and those would be updated.