UP’s Police Officer received a call about his Daughter’s Death But He saved Victim’s Life First


Real heroes are who have their priorities straight for the well being of the society, but little does anyone realise that sometimes they have to choose us above their blood too, and they do choose, without giving second thoughts. One such inspiring example is a UP cop Bhupendra Tomar who managed to save a life while putting a loved one second.

Bhupendra Tomar, a 57-year-old head constable was on his usual day patrol on February 23, around 9 am with his team doing the 100 (quick response) vehicles in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh.


The team was patrolling the Badagaon area in the district when they received a call informing about a man who after getting stabbed multiple times by an assailant was then left on the road lying and straggling with his life.

The team was rushing to the destination when Bhupendra received another important call. Tomar was informed that Jyoti, his daughter had died. Jyoti was a 27-year-old nurse who had married only a year ago.

Though deeply shocked with the news, the cop was clear of his duties and despite the whole team insisting him to return to home, Bhupendra was firm with his decision to head for the victim’s aid.

The head constable took hold of his emotions and reached the man who was lying critically injured and admitted him to a multi-specialty hospital before getting back to his dead daughter. The victim was a veterinarian who was saved in time and was thankful to Bhupendra for his life.

While a life saved, another had gone. Jyoti’s death has left her family and closed ones deeply shocked with her sudden demise after collapsing in the washroom. She used to work for a primary health center in Buxer locality of Meerut having married last year only to a 28-year-old Saurabh Kakraan.

Bhupendra, who is lives in Bijnor was choking while speaking with his eyes swelled for the precious loss but still maintained, “Leave the dead behind and save those alive is the credo that I follow. I don’t think I have done anything exceptional”.

“I got a call saying Jyoti had died. But we were already on our way to the site of the attack at Sirsiri village on Rampur Maniharan-Badagaon road,” Bhupendra said while speaking about the day of the incident. “I knew I had to save the injured man,” he added.

The cop set an example across the state with his primary call of action to his duty over family and while received the significant attention of the senior police officers, the family is also getting all kinds of possible help from the Director General of police, O P Singh.

Saharanpur deputy inspector general of police (DIG), Sharad Sachan, and senior superintendent of police (SSP), Saharanpur, Babloo Kumar also felicitated the head constable who will also be by the felicitated by senior officials in Lucknow on Friday.

“I am overwhelmed by the way in which the police department has stood by us through thick and thin,” Bhupendra said. “All my seniors have been extremely helpful to us.”

Officers like Bhupendra prove that the people of this country are in safe hands.

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