USA patrols in disputed South China Sea to End Chinese Supremacy


Lately the spat between The USA and china is now followed by the former Navy patrol in the disputed South China Sea.

Within 20 minutes, 20 F-18 took off and landed on the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier in a powerful display of military precise and efficiency.

The carrier strike group which is lead by nuclear powered warship, was conducting what the us military called a routine training on the disputed sea.

The US is not only one to carry out Naval patrolling where Chinese, Japanese and Some South Asian Navies operate.

The Pentagon is planning more regular patrols in South China Sea to assert freedom of navigation claims by China, rather an impromptu approached favored during former president Barack Obama’s administration.

Diplomatic observation said the move would encourage China to increase military deployment leading to unease among its neighbours.

“We have seen Chinese ship around us. They certainly have the right to exercise off their coast like we do, nor are they necessarily in charge of one transit cycle, but our deployment has been planned.” said Rear Admiral Steve Koehler.

Real Admiral Steve Koehler

This is the second time, ┬áthe US has deployed destroyers in freedom of navigation sent by near Chinese Scarborough shoal, which Beijing wrestled from the Philippines in 2012 and Manila claimed – “Mischief reef” which was occupied by Chinese forces in 1995.

Mischief Reef

China has long back objected to us military operation off its coasts, even in areas Washington insists are free to international passage

China ties with Philippines under  the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte has put aside disputes with Beijing as they are looking ahead former to play an important role in building and funding for highways, port,railways and power plants.

“It is a showcase of the capability of the US armed forces not only by sea but also by air. The Americans are our friends. In one way or another they can help us to deter any threat.” Philippines army chief Rolando Bautista said.