After Su-30 MKI, Indian Navy’s Stealth Frigates To Be Armed With BrahMos

INS Trikand, Talwar class frigate will be fitted with BrahMos
INS Trikand, Talwar class frigate

After deployments on destroyers and Indian Air Force frontline fighter Su-30MKI, Indian Navy wants to deploy BrahMos cruise missile on its Talwar Class Frigates.

Talwar class frigates or Project 11356M, are guided missile frigates. They are designed and built by Russia for the Indian Navy. The Talwar class frigate was preceded by the Brahmaputra class frigates which are semi-stealth vessels. Indian Navy has six of these ships currently and plans to procure more of such ships.

INS Trikand, Talwar class frigate, one of the vessel under Project 11356M
INS Trikand, Talwar class frigate, one of the vessel under Project 11356M

St. Petersburg-based Severnoye Design Bureau is all set to integrate Brahmos on the vessels. Indian Navy ordered the Brahmos strike system among the armaments of the vessels. “No problems will emerge with the integration of the BrahMos strike missile complex into the frigate. We have already integrated this system earlier into the other three project 11356 frigates acquired by the Indian Navy”, Senchurov said at the LIMA-2017 international maritime and aerospace show in Malaysia.

Indian Navy has three active vessels of the same category in service out of six vessels. The operation vessels have Russian Club-N strike system(the export version of the Kalibr cruise missile complex) while the other three vessels are outfitted with the Russian-Indian BrahMos multipurpose missile system that is capable of hitting both surface and ground-based targets.

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