At Wagah, BSF is Our Pride But Who is Ordered Them to Guard on a Street


Indian Army and its glory attract civilians to such a level that they reach Wagha Border to witness the dignifying Lowering Of flags ceremony performed by the BSF under their military practices daily. The main attraction of this ceremony is the soldiers and their blustering parade. After seeing the grandness of the parade by the soldiers, the respect for them increases to the peak. The different aspect of soldiers can be seen at the Wagha Border. The BSF soldiers are no less than a hero for the country.


But, what has happened to a soldier in Chandigarh will show an entirely disturbing image of a soldier.

The picture which draws an attention is taken from Chandigarh on November, 19. A BSF soldier in his military uniform can be seen standing on the road for showing the way to the guest of IG officer of BSF P.S Sandhu. The soldier is attending the guest of IG at the function of his daughter’s wedding.

IG is stationed in Bangalore’s subsidiary training centre. According to the report printed in the Indian Express, these 15 jawans were sent to Bangalore especially from Jammu and Kashmir for this marriage. The soldiers were deployed from the forest hill resort (where the marriage took place) to the outer road of Chandigarh in the uniforms. Their job was to show the guests the way. Some were providing services inside the resort. Not only this, around 25 soldiers of Punjab Police were also posted for the marriage of IG’s daughter.


A BSF soldier told that the BSF’s DG was to come to attend the marriage, that’s why they were sent in the wake of security. But here they have been given some other work. In the case, IG Sandhu hasn’t said anything yet. But  IG’s Lieutenant Officer said that the BSF DG had to come to attend the marriage, so the soldiers had been deployed.

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