Kargil War Hero Reveals How Pakistani Soldiers Treated Dead Indian Soldiers

Kargil War

India has played a very important role in the development and preservation of peace in the area. The people with good intentions get a backstab, the same happened with India. India fought 5 wars with China and Pakistan and none of them were started by India, but India gave the enemy befitting reply every time.

In 1999, General Parvez Musharraf came up with a nasty plan. Parvez Musharraf wanted to capture the abandoned Indian posts in Kargil sector. Both the nations have a treaty, every winter the posts are left unguarded because it’s hard to survive due to harsh weather.

In May 1999, intrusions were spotted by shepherds and later a patrol of five Indian soldiers was sent, which was captured and tortured to death. On 6th June, Indian Army launched major offensive operation against Pakistan’s troops in Kargil.

Param Vir Chakra Yogendra Singh Yadav was one of the soldiers of Ghatak Platoon of 18 Grenadiers regiment of Indian Army. Ghatak Platoon is special team of soldiers, they are specialized in long range patrol and surprise attacks.

Indian Army Soldiers at Kargil
Indian Army Soldiers at Kargil

Yogendra Singh Yadav was on the mission to capture Tiger Hill with his 6 teammates. They faced heavy enemy fire but instead of retreating, they retaliate with more firepower. The heavy retaliation made the Pakistani soldiers think that a whole battalion is attacking the Pakistan’s posts. They were just seven soldiers but they were attacking like seventy, showcasing the real might of Ghataks.

The Pakistani Post was heavily guarded and armed still Ghataks managed to hit some enemies but after a while Ghataks suffered casualties. Sometime later only Yogendra Singh Yadav was left alive but he was shot on legs and hands, multiple times.

Soldiers of Indian Army after a conflict of Kargil war
Soldiers of Indian Army after a conflict of Kargil war

Yogendra Singh yadav was lying on the ground quietly and saw how Pakistani soldiers behaved with Indian soldiers, Pakistani soldiers were shooting the body of dead Indian soldiers and crushing their heads with their shoes. They constantly abused the Indian soldiers. 

Yogendra Singh Yadav was so badly bleeding that Pakistanis thought he is already dead. They shot him in the chest but due to the wallet on his chest pocket who has coin in it, Yadav luckily survived to tell us the vicious avatar of Pakistan’s Army.

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