5 Weapons Russia Is Trying To Keep Secret


Naval Proton Gun

Russia is developing a shore protection unit, named Naval Proton Gun. Russians are known for unique ideas for weapon systems and now they came up with something very interesting.

Image source – Daily Motion

Naval Proton Gun is actually an upgraded version of Russian AK-130, which can be seen on Russian naval vessels. AK-130 is a 130mm canon of Russia which can shoot 10-40 rounds per minute at the range of around 23 Km.

Naval Proton Gun incorporates some very sophisticated weapon suit along with the AK-130 giving it more teeth, it got laser designator, a system for selecting moving targets, and low light TV. Its barrels are liquid cooled. The gun shoots ten to forty 130mm rounds per minute per gun. It can correct it’s targeting by analyzing the splashes and automatically tracking shells.

Recon Naval Vessel “18280 series”

Russia was developing a massive naval recon ship fleet, which will use for collecting naval intelligence. Russian has planned 4 ships among which one is in active service and one is currently building.

Image source – Sputniknews.com

In the development of Ivan Khurs, the second ship in the project, around 700 contractors supplied components for the ship including baltic shipyard, yet the ship faced a year set back due to Urals Diesel Engine Plant slipped. The ship was named after Russian legendary Vice-Admiral Ivan Khurs, who played an important role in developing Russian Naval Intelligence Services.

Stealth Strategic Bombers

Russia had a history of developing outstanding bombers, only few aircrafts in the world can match the toughness of Russian aircraft. Russians have now headed towards sophistication Strategic bombers.


Russia is developing a stealth strategic bomber to match up American B-2, Russian officials have stated many things about PAK DA including demand of capabilities of evading hypersonic missiles. PAK DA is a less ambitious project yet it will be capable of taking out the Tu-94 and Tu-160 out of the service, PAK DA which is expected to be in service by 2025-30 will follow a unmanned PAK DA by 2040. A report of 2016 PAK DA may have payload carrying capacity of 30 tons with range of 12482 Kilometers. PAK DA, strategic bomber will be true force multiplier for the Russian Air Force who is searching for a reliable platform.

S-500 – Invincible Air Defence

After showcasing S-400 “Triump” capabilities and the potential of Russian air defence, Russia is now developing a new air defence system. S-500 “Prometheus” will also be a anti-ballistic missile defence system but the news system will be able to handle hypersonic cruise missile as well.


S-500 will offer protection from almost all types of aerial threats whether it is hypersonic cruise missile or any aircraft. The security bubble of S-500 will spread upto 600Km from anti-ballistic missile role and 400Km for air defence role.

S-500 would be able to detect and simultaneously engage up to 10 ballistic supersonic targets flying at a speed of 5 kilometres per second (3.1 mi/s; 18,000 km/h; 11,000 mph). It is effective against ballistic missiles with a launch range of 3,500 km (2,200 mi), the radar reaches a radius of 3,000 km (1,300 km for the EPR 0,1 square meter)

Unmanned Nuclear Submarine

Russia shocked the whole world when American security services detected a test on November 27 on a separate Sarov-class submarine though the location has not been revealed.

P.C. – Saab

There were various rumours about the submarine including the capabilities of carrying megaton-class warheads, one of the largest warhead in the world. The submarine has range of 600 mile which is about 965 kilometres and can go approximately 540 meters deep underwater.

The submarine isn’t the only example of innovation of Russian designers and scientist, it is believe that T-14 Amarta tank have drones, which are connected with wires.

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