What are the worst aspects about being in the Military?


It explaining how much we are proud about our soldiers but they also have problems in their life, and we aren’t pointing hundreds of problems they face but just one of them they think is the biggest they face.

I can list one hundred things I hated about the military, but they are all relative to a soldiers perspective.

Some might find that losing contact with your friends at home is the worst aspect, and others may say that having a terrible commander can be much worse.

In my opinion, the worst aspect about the military is one that translates to all soldiers in all militaries around the world, that all can relate to.

Every time a soldier leaves his home to base, he is leaving all his loved ones in the dark.

They do not know exactly where he is, what he is doing, when he will come back home, and if the next day a military representative will come knocking on their door with terrible news.

It’s hell, and they cannot do anything about it, just hope for the best.

Yes, the soldier is going through hardships in the military, but that is his reality and he is trained to deal with these hardships and do something about them.

A soldiers parents, brother and sisters, loved ones and family cannot control anything that happens to him, nor can they contribute to him.

They are in complete darkness, hoping that their loved one comes through their door at home to spend the weekend with them, rather than a military vehicle driving up to their door step with news that can shatter a family.

I always told my mother that during my service her life was more stressful than I could ever imagine, and now with my little brother joining the military, I can better understand and relate to her bitter reality.

A veteran, name Ben Kolber wrote on Quora explaining probably the biggest problem any soldier faces.

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