What does Military Officers Do When They are Threatened in the name of Govt.?


He told me about his posting in Nagaland a few years ago, where he was the cl commanding officer of 2 companies of infantry batallion (due to shortage of officers).

During that time, the Indian Government had a pact (a truce which was broken shortly) with NSCN Khaplan (Naga rebels), due to which they both were fighting the NSCN (IM), which is another Naga rebel group.

The Major’s companies were posted at and around a village assigned to protect NSCN K men from the IM men around that area.

These NSCN K men were linked with Delhi with some hotline and were influential, so they always misused it and made fun of the soldiers publicly.

So, one day the Major warned their local leader not to make fun of them. The leader took it casually and threatened to call Delhi headquarters and get him kicked out. He then took the Major’s rifle muzzle in his mouth and dared him to fire.

The Major got furious, grabbed him, slapped him hard and kicked his butt. The leader again threatened to call Delhi. The Major threw his phone away and said, “f***k the government, f***k my rank, f***K any authority over me. Right now I am a human being, who is apoplectic with rage and dare you to utter a single word about my men, and you will see your last sunset.”

After this incident the leader could never even see him in the eye.

The major later served in Manipur and was awarded with Kirti Chakra for his bravery in various operations.

Major Pushpender Singh

Major Pushpender Singh was awarded Kirti Chakra for an act of Gallantry in Manipur.