What’s your Religion? Indian Army Officer’s Response will Amaze You

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We all know that serving officers are not authorized to comment on religious and political matter, a mandate that every Indian army officer follows till he is in the army.

Recently, an Indian army officer was caught on camera sharing something on the religion. Not only he did left a great message, he also left us to ponder our thoughts and our duties towards the nation.

There’s a lot our dear politicians can also learn from this small yet wonderful clip.


“When I was commissioned and I joined SF, my CO asked what is my religion and caste. I said- Sir I am a Hindu Rajput. He said- B****y fellow, you take a dip in the dirty water.  So I went and I took a dip in the water,” the officer is seen saying in the video which is being circulated widely on Twitter.

“Then I realised that there is something wrong I have said. Then again he asked and I said, sir, my religion is SF and my caste is SF. He then told me- you see, you are an officer. And your religion is the religion of your boys. So when we have this kind of template- and when you apply this kind of template in the country, I think most of the problems would be solved,” he further says.
If we all think the same, we will be able to help in making our nation more prosperous one.

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