When a CRPF Personnel Shared His Food with a Crawling Kashmiri


In Kashmir, we always don’t hear about some mishappenings, sometimes we also hear about amazing things of humanity. Although, the Indian army and all other forces are doing their job we hear stories of good deeds which make us feel that humanity is still alive.

We also hear stories of extremists in Kashmiris and the stonepelters. There is a lot of negative news in Kashmir whenever we hear it but this time it’s all positive. Journalist Majid Hyderi shared on his wall about a kind CRPF solider who gave his own food to a Kashmiri.

He wrote in his Facebook post describing all the events of the day-

At first sight, finding a man in Pheran crawling near CRPF personnel near Police Headquarter in Srinagar, was enough to suggest that this poor Kashmiri was another victim of rights abuse, for which the paramilitary force is infamous in Kashmir. The CRPF man saying something to the poor man.

I slowed down my vehicle to inquire about the matter, as two persons standing on the Peer Bagh bridge, were known to me. But before I would inquire anything, the CRPF man approached them asking them if they had any bread but the duo replied in negative. The CRPF man subsequently posed the same question to a few more passerby. But none was carrying bread along for obvious reasons.

His query attracted my attention more and I tracked his moves for a few moments.
Finally, the CRPF man took out a banana he had brought for his own lunch and gave it to the physically challenged man crawling on the ground. “Ye Lo Bhai Khalo,” the man in uniform told the beggar.

I got down from the vehicle to take a picture of the generous man in uniform. But he was initially reluctant to let me take his picture till his superior on guard verified my credentials. The young man introduced himself as Sujeet Kumar from Bihar.
No matter how many oppressors you come across in Kashmir, humans will be humans.

When CRPF personnel shared his lunch with a crawling manAt first sight, finding a man in Pheran crawling near CRPF…

Posted by Majid Hyderi on Thursday, March 15, 2018