Here’s Why Copied Aerospace Technology Will Never Wins Against The Original Ones


Copying a technology is not as easy as copying from a textbook. For example, look at this Russian Fighter jet Shukhoi’s Saturn engine.

Saturn engine
Saturn engine

Every single component in the engine is built after years of research. Lots and lots of research, Top secret Formula, complicated manufacturing methods are involved in this engine construction. This was just about the engine, now lets see the whole aircraft.


It is extremely difficult to build a complete aircraft without exact Formulas and principles. We can try to copy it, but its performance will be very poor compared to the original one. So who want’s to build a copy of fighter jet for the same cost but of lower performance?? Instead of spending so much of money on the infrastructure, manufacturing, materials etc Governments will usually buy the original fighter at the same price.

Best example is China. China is the copycat of the world!! Look at these Chinese copied projects.

  • USA’s Reaper drone.
USAF MQ-9 Reaper

China copied it and named it Wing Loong.

Wing Loong
  • Russian Ilyushin-76 military plane.

China copied it and named it Xian Y-20.

  • Russian Antonov An-12 aircraft.

China copied it and named it Shaanxi Y-9.

And the funniest thing is, China is copying India’s Brahmos missile too.


Remember that it doesn’t matter whether it’s a car or an Airplane, the Original one is always going to win against the copied version.

Designing our own aircraft or Buying original aircraft should be more preferred than copying from someone else. But copying is not easy, not easy at all. Even though the Chinese are copying from other countries, by copying technology, they are providing a lot of job opportunities to their youths and the youths are being trained a lot in defence industries which is very much necessary for the development of Chinese defence forces as well as for Chinese economy.

This answer was written by Suyog M.S on Quora.

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