Will RAW Get Help Of MOSSAD To Neutralize ISI’S Terror Atttack?


Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on India’s visit and on the second day of his visit he had comprehensive talks with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Hyderabad House in New Delhi. India and Israel signed nine pacts that included strategic areas of defence, security, and counter-terrorism. India especially Jammu and Kashmir have been facing the major terrorism problem from across the border.

Indian Army has been fighting and trying to prevent terrorism in the valley. Also RAW(Research and Analysis Wing), the country’s external intelligence agency in spite working hard, has been finding difficult to prevent cross-border terrorist activities and operations initiated by Pakistan’s ISI.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu

While talking about Israel’s Mossad, special operations intelligence agency then it is believed that it has specialization in neutralizing terror activities. In the area of defence and security, RAW and Mossad’s joint effort will be helpful for India to prevent terrorism and attacks like 26/11 and Uri.

The connection of RAW and MOSSAD:

Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi created RAW out of IB in 1968 after the Intelligence Bureau failed to collect advance information about Indo-China war in 1962 and Indo-Pak war in 1965. Under Rameshwar Nath Kao, RAW was formed.


The diplomatic relation between India and China was still at a starting point following the country’s non-alignment policy despite having received recognition of newly formed nation in 1950. At that time, Israel and India both were tensed over growing covert ties between North Korea, China, and Pakistan. Also, it was reported that terrorist country Pakistan was giving the training to Iranians and Libyans with Chinese help to handle North Korean weapons in West Asia.

When RAW came to the light:

After the creation of RAW, for the 10 years, it had been working as a secret organization. The joint working of Mossad and RAW were going fine for the country.


However, in 1977 things took a turn when Pak state got the assistance from France to develop nuclear power plant at Chasma. Also, Pak started working on a uranium enrichment programme at Kahuta.

Then, the then Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai called Pakistan’s military general President Zia Ul Haq and stated, General, I know what you are up to in Kahuta. RAW has got me all the details and this was the revelation of RAW and it ended the collaboration of RAW and MOSSAD.

The rise of ISI:

ISI, Pakistan

In 1984, India Gandhi was shot dead and after that RAW had stopped been getting financial support.┬áSince under the coalition governments in 1990, foreign policy began to shape the activities of RAW. On the other hand, Zia-ul-Haq pushed the money received from the US in the form of security assistance in exchange for Pakistan’s help with the intervention of USSR in Afpak region.

Pakistan started been using US’s aid and training to initiate a proxy war in J &K.

The current status of RAW and MOSSAD:

As per the experts, Gujaral Doctrine’s foreign policy instrument pushed RAW to the margins in the security area. Though, after the war of Kargil in 1999, RAW shaped in a new form.

Ajit Doval, national security advisor

Now, as Ajit Doval is the National Security Advisor under Narendra Modi’s government then it is believed that the intelligence agency is gaining confidence and support of the government.

In February 2014, the alliance of RAW and MOSSAD got a boost and India signed three agreements with Israel including Cooperation in Homeland Security and Protection of Classified Material.

The following four visits between India and Israel’s leaders indicates the bond of two countries:

Benjamin’s India visit

1. Visit of President Pranab Mukherjee in 2015.

2. Visit of Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin in December last year.

3. Visit of Indian Prime Minister last year.

4. Visit of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

These four visits by the leaders of both the countries is a clear indication of the stronger bond between India and Israel. It also deepens and boosts the security cooperation between RAW and MOSSAD. However, the question is still intact, Will RAW get help from Mossad to neutralize ISI operation and terror proteges?

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