The Woman who assaulted Indian army personnel Arrested


We shared a video of a woman slapping an Indian army personnel on our Facebook page two days back and it went viral as it was shared by a lot of people. It has been reported that the woman is under arrest currently.

The woman belonged to Gurugram who was trying to assault the Indian army personnel(which was clear from the video), she has been arrested on charges of allegedly assaulting the Indian army personnel. Ms Smriti Kalra, a 44-year-old from Gurugram, was seen in a video hitting and shouting on Indian Army personnel. It happened on 13th September.

The vehicle involved in the incident has also been siezed from her house. It was an Indica car, Ms Smriti Kalra, a Home Science graduate, was married to an army official’s son in 1995 but got separated from him due a matrimonial dispute and they got divorced in 2008.

You can check the video here-

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