Woman ISI Agent’s Used Facebook As A Medium To Get Connected With Indian Armed Forces Personnel

  • In a shocking turn of event, the social media platform Facebook friends list of a woman ISI agent has been found filled with nearly four dozen officers from the Indian Army, Navy and Airforce which shockingly includes senior police officers also. Haryana CID officials have traced the account of a woman ISI agent.

A 22-year-old Indian boy Gaurav Sharma has been honey trapped by woman agent named Amrita Ahluwalia. She obtained sensitive information about Indian defence forces from Sharma. The young man was arrested lately.

The Facebook friend-list of Amrita Ahluwalia contains three colonels, three majors, a captain, a commander, a sergeant, a lieutenant-general, an NDA trainee, and a jail superintendent in Jammu and Kashmir.

The friend list of Ahluwalia also includes a Haryana government officials, politicians, businessmen, and teachers. Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab are various states where these officers are posted. Although, the names of these officers haven’t been revealed as an investigation is under process.

The Facebook profile of woman ISI agent describes her as a resident of Chandigarh who is currently living in New Delhi. There are 145 friends in her friend list including the high profile officers. She has acquired sensitive information from Sharma by convincing him to spy for her. However, it isn’t clear whether she was able to honey-trap each one of her online acquaintances.

After the capture, Sharma admitted that he kept an eye on 18 enrollment drives of the Indian Army. Amazingly, he could live-stream four of these drives to ISI handlers in Pakistan by means of Facebook Live. He told police he was guaranteed Rs 10 lakh from his handlers in Pakistan, yet hasn’t gotten any cash from them.

According to the sources, Ahluwalia had three Facebook IDs through which she communicates with Gaurav Sharma. She became a close acquaintance with Sharma, the child of a retired Army jawan, and baited him into spying through sex visit on Facebook and WhatsApp. She additionally offered him cash. Gaurav’s Facebook timeline demonstrates various delicate photos. Some of them indicate him in military vehicles, while the others demonstrate him inside armed force bases.


Gaurav Sharma was captured last Sunday and was remanded to four days in police remand. The court expanded his police authority by two more days. He attempted to crush his cell phone at the time of the capture, however, it was confiscated by the police and sent for scientific examination to a lab in Gurgaon.

On Tuesday, Amrita Ahluwalia sent a text to Sharma, however, blocked him as he was captured. Police are endeavoring to recoup information from his cellphone, and want to get more leads.

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