Women who developed India’s ballistic missile defence


Today’s story is not about any film star or any superhero who saved the nation from any evil, but today’s story is about that woman who played a key role in developing India’s ballistic missile defence which is also known as BMD.

She was a bright student from childhood, when every kid wants to mug up the study based thing given to them, Shashikala Sinha solves the problems by understanding it, she was way ahead of the children of her time. She was very close to her father and her father once said “others were just sitting and memorizing, while you’re able to do your math mentally”

Shashikala Sinha quitted her job from DRDO after working there for a year to pursue masters in IIT Kharagpur, after that she started working in Society of Microwave Engineering, but had to quit when she was expecting her first daughter, Pavithra, in 1989.

She is an army brat, her father served in Army’ mechanical engineers and also married to a husband who was in the navy, but she lost him due to an accident. She left alone with her two daughter.

Journey in DRDO started after when she started Research centre Imarat, The lab is responsible for Research and Development of Missile Systems, Guided Weapons and advanced Avionics for Indian Armed Forces.

When she started working on ballistic missile defence system she “At that point of time, we were importing these sensors. Nobody really wanted to venture into it, because everybody was in awe of it, and also the way it was promoted by them. They would demonstrate the stabilization systems by placing a glass of liquid on the antenna to show that it was steady”

Shashikala started turning the impossible into possible through hardwork by working deep into advance coding and programming, for these hardwork and great efforts she was awarded by Agni Award for excellence in 2007.

Shashikala was appointed as the director of India’s ambitious ballistic missile defence project in 2012, she explained that they have done 90% of work on the project, but the rest of the 10% need extensive innovation and creation cause they have to overcome the challenges they were facing while developing the interceptors, they have to take care of endoatmospheric (below 100 kilometers) maneuvering, kinetic heating and more.

Due to the hard work of Shashikala’s team now India has entered in the elite club of those countries who have their own ballistic missile defenece. She is the women who made India a more safer place.



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