Yashwant Sinha wants Army to be removed from Kashmir, wants to Initiate peace talks with Pakistan


It is major concern for a nation when an ex defence minister suggests something which the current government is opposing. The situation becomes even more complicated when the person belongs to the political party which is in power right now.

Yashwant Sinha once a powerful and influential leader in the Indian politics has now become an outcast from his own party. He recently made a remark that the government should remove army from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Not only this, he further added that Pakistan has become a party you cannot ignore for peace talks in Kashmir.

People of Kashmir

The former minister has been criticizing the current government a lot lately. This is seen as his frustration against the current prime minister for ignoring him and making him only a decoration in his own party without any real power or authority.

Indian army helping people during floods

While it is acceptable for the people to criticise governments, but this move has certainly put a question mark on the capability and sanity of Indian army.

The Indian army has long been protecting the people of the valley at the cost of the lives of its own soldiers. The valley would long have been gone from the hands of the government if not for the Indian army.  The army is fighting the militants and saving the innocent at the same time. Removing the army would create havoc in the valley.

Insurgents would behead innocent Kashmiris who consider themselves as Indians. Women would be raped and innocent children would be murdered. Pakistan would win Kashmir without even a war .

Is this what Yashwant Sinha wants? His suggestions are purely based on political value and hold no merits at all.

Indian Soldiers in Kashmir

As Indians we should always understand that Kashmir has always been a part of India and our army has been protecting it from Pakistan for us only. A peace talk with Pakistan would simply mean that we accept its claim on our land.

And there is no assurance that a sinister nation like Pakistan which is a world terrorism hub would stick to its word or even if they do, would they be able to control their army and ISI which hold the actual power in that evil nation.

An indian soldier, who sacrificied his life for Kashmir

The only peace talk we should have is with the people of Kashmir because they are our people, they are as much Indian as we are, and we should reach out to them. Kashmir has been an integral part of India and shall always remain so.