This Indian Hacker Hacked Shahid Afridi’s Official Website, Defencelover’s Exclusive!

Indian Hacker’s Online Squad ( i-HOS) has struck again. They have defaced The official website of Shahid Afridi and inserted an audio clip on his website. Reacting to the deface, Shahid Afridi’s PR Team reportedly closed the domain name but still, the official website link is still the same. So, let’s follow the story.

The Hacker revealed that it was the revenge because Pakistani Hackers defaced Virat Kohli’s website, some time back.

1. Salute to the Indian Flag.

Screenshot (27)

2. These are the hackers, mainly he is known as Bl@ck Dr@Gon and collectively as Indian Hacker’s Online Squad. (i- HOS)

Screenshot (29)

3. This is the payback time, he writes that he took revenge for hacking the site of Virat Kohli.Screenshot (28)

4. Meanwhile, the Shahid Afridi Official page has still not updated the domain name.Screenshot (37)

5. But, we reached at, this is what we

Apparently, Shahid Afridi has made this domain unactive but still forgot to update on his official Facebook page.

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Indian Air Force Launches Their Latest Trailer(Advertisement) 2015 And It’s Amazing!

Indian Air Force has released their new trailer  for the year 2015 and it’s just perfect. It motivates us to join Indian Air Force. The video gives us goosebumps and you will in love with it.

Everytime an Indian Air Force Advertisement releases, we all love it.

Next time, during the recruitment of Indian Air Force, make sure you are there! Have fun with the video below!

Screenshot (26)

Indian Army Displays Fire Power At Pokhran!

The Indian Army conducted their firepower show at Pokran In Jaiselmar of Rajasthan marking the centenary celebrations of its participation in the first World War.

The “Firepower” display was held yesterday at the Pokhran field firing range and it included integrated firing during range and also, the exhibition of equipment.

Defence spokesperson Lt Colonel Manish Ojha spoke the media on this occasion, “the information visit was conducted at 4 Mechanised Infantry Battalion at Jaisalmer.

A synchronized attack was also conducted by three divisions of the infantry- Armored, Artillery and Mechanised and a mock enemy location was captured. The demonstration had a point of 18-20 km in the range.

The T-90 tanks assaulted on the enemy location with speed and maximum accuracy which was soon followed by a dismounted attack by the mechanised infantry. It was a furious display of firepower of Indian army.

Indeed, The Indian army has a come a long way and they also did a similar night attack with T-90 Tanks and The BMP and destroyed the mock targets!

The centenary of the first (1st) World War is celebrated and 1.5 million soldiers participated in the war, out of which 78000 were martyred.

This Indian Spy Lived In Pakistan For 7 Years, Shares A Thrilling Experience!

RAW and IB officials go a lot behind the scenes. It’s rare that sometimes it comes out and rest always remains secret!

Who doesn’t know the former NSA Chief Ajit Doval? Let’s look at his experience in Pakistan when he was working as a spy in Pakistan. Watch this video to know a thrilling experience which he went in Pakistan.

10 Deadly Future Weapons India’s Defense Will Have By 2020

From ballistic missiles to the nuclear submarine and Sukhoi- PAK-FA it covers it all! We hope to have all these weapons to make India a superpower.



Indian Army Saves Four Men Trapped In Snow, Defeating All The Odds

Indian Army saves 4 men in Jammu and Kashmir

Indian Army saves 4 men in Jammu and Kashmir

Yet again, Indian Army saves four men trapped in snow in Kawlu forest area of Ramban district.

Fighting the odds in snow!

Fighting the odds in snow!

The local residents have gone for hunting when they were trapped in snow.  The troops of Delta Force rushed at the spot and saved the people. We salute the Indian army for this amazing rescue.