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Recently i was browsing the websites which spread positive and happy news worldwide. I came across a website called evrystry. This website impressed me quiet a lot, it has a lot of quality content and a nice design. The thing which i liked the most about this website is anyone can create a story here. You just have to login through Facebook and you can create your own story.

There are many different categories to our stories, some of them are Creative, Unbelievable Stories, Photography, Nature, People, Lifestyle, etc. Exploring each category is really fun. I shared this website to some of my friends and they too liked the positive message given by evrystry. There are lot of news portals which give us negative news but very few which are dedicated for the news which gives us hope and smiles even if the world is full of sorrow.

I recommend this website to everyone.

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Dear Media ,AAP is not lost and stop saying so.

From Past some time i am hearing Aam Aadmi Party has lost, Aam Aadmi Party is Died . Some of the Media Journalists are tweeting Aam Aadmi Party to introspect .

Yes, Aam Aadmi Party should introspect that did they lost as said by Media because Media called Kejriwal’s “Dharna”,a Drama or Did AAP lost because Kejriwal was called “Bhagoda” and the same Media when Nitish Kumar resigned gives him respect , the same media when Tarun Gogoi resigns treats him with Respect ,Did the Same Media apologize for Running Conspiracy theories and edited Parts of Khirki Extension and did The Media showed how Law Minister Somnath Bharti was pleading to the Cop to take action ? Yes,let me make it clear one or two channels aired the reality of Khirki by asking the residents but not all and the General Perception of the Law Minister (From the people all over India who don’t watch youtube) was Somnath Bharti is very arrogant person,which isn’t the reality. Did the same media reported that BJP supporters attacked a mosque in Mangalore while celebrating BJP’s victory ,did they ? BJP supporters entered the compound of a mosque, burst crackers, and pelted stones at the mosque.

Now,Let’s get back to why i don’t think AAP is loser ,yes i know that Fighting Against Modi in Varanasi could have been a wrong move but it speaks a ton when 2,00,000 voted for Kejriwal in just a month of campaigning ,it makes a statement that people of Varanasi were fed up of BJP .

Punjab was an unknown territory for Aam Aadmi Party till Jan 2014 , they made a strong base there and won 4 seats in Punjab which were Sangrur,Fathegarh Sahib,Patiala and Faridkot . They gave a neck to neck fight in Ludhiana where HS Phoolka lost . in all the voting Share of AAP in Punjab was 24.4%  just 2% less then ruling Party ,SAD .

AAP's voting share in Punjab

AAP’s voting share in Punjab

And this is an Achievement because AAP a one and half year old party has shown that people can be won on running on honest politics with minimal amount of money spent.

According to the 4 Lok Sabha seats AAP won in Punjab , if the Elections of Vidhan Sabha would have happened today in Punjab ,they would have won 33 seats out of 117 . green part

Yes ,as an AAP supporter ,Results in Delhi disappointed me because i was expecting 3-4 seats for AAP in Lok Sabha but the vote share speaks different story .

AAP got 29% Votes in Delhi Vidhan Sabha which has increased to 33% in Delhi Loksabha so that was encouraging and Congress dropped from 46% to 15% which votes BJP took and won. the untimely resignation of Kejriwal on ethics has increased AAP votes by 4%  and also many first timers might be disappointed of Kejriwal leaving so they voted for BJP but no one thought that Congress will be decimated so badly ( although i am very happy that Congress lost so badly as the main culprits were them.)

Vote share in Delhi,source ECI

Vote share in Delhi,source ECI

I spoke to my grand father about 1984 when BJP got 2 seats because the country came out to vote for Indira Gandhi’s death and gave Rajiv Gandhi a sensational mandate and People said BJP is finished , BJP is over but that did not happen, BjP won 88 seats in next elections .

Bhagwant Mann, the First MP from AAP

Bhagwant Mann, the First MP from AAP

AAP as a party was made to curb corruption and raise voice against the policies of The Govt , if BJP can curb corruption and develop India, the purpose of AAP is already over. I feel that AAP shouldn’t have fought on so many seats because people of India will still vote a criminal and not a social activist so AAP should have concentrated on 100 seats , but no problem Mistakes happen by the brave, they introspect ,fight and believe .

Amidst of little disappointment was AAP got 1.13  Crore Votes from all over India and that’s an achievement , For AAP the major places now to concentrate on are Delhi Vidhan Sabha re-elections coming shortly because Congress is not supporting AAP and i hope Congress to wiped out from Delhi Vidhan Sabha (2-3 seats for them) and the contest will be from Aam Aadmi Party and BJP in Delhi Re-elections  and we have Punjab Vidhan Sabha Elections till August 2017 , till then AAP should built a good  reputation by working on Punjab , the 4 MPs of Punjab will shine like Diamonds in the Parliament , i am sure of that And also let modi prove his worth and let him bring black money as said by Rajnath Singh (link)

The bottom line is it’s not all over for AAP , ideology of AAP will survive and Delhi and Punjab should be their Karam Bhoomi and i Congratulate BJP for winning.

Living with Muslims.

India is secular country where all religions are loved leaving some of the spats that have happened in past where two communities have gone violent killing people of other community. This article is to bust some myths.

From Past 3 years i have been a part of Anna Hazare Movement or better known as IAC movement , one day while interacting with the people in McDonalds at Hyderabad i was speaking to 3 strangers about the state of country and why it’s important to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill . We spoke for 3 hours and i sat with them . After the conversation got over, i added their numbers in my contact list and i left for the day . 

As engineering student in 2nd year i was staying in PG and there was a water scarcity , i met those friends again after 7 days and shared them with them my problem of Lack of water in the locality . One of the Guy said that he has one room vacant in the house and if i wish i can see the room and shift in . Next day we saw the room and i decided to shift . 

It was a muslim family and as we were almost of same age ,we became very good friends , i had my personal room and all my privacy was intact , well i stayed with them for almost two years and i ate with them , i used to enjoy with them ,hangout with them . 

The first time i told my uncle that i am staying in a muslim house, he looked me with a surprise and said “You are staying with a mulla”, i said so ? although my uncle has no ill-will for muslims but he was surprised, There were times when i was out of money as we know how it happens in student life ,so i even ate with them and never felt that religion is some kind of separation , there were times when we even hanged out with each other and enjoyed a lot .

While speaking we even used to speak about the times of 1992 or 2002 or Kashmiri Pandits and it was a conscience that everything which kills an innocent is wrong and shouldn’t happen . 

Living with Muslims i never felt any problem in the whole two years and looking at hatred being spread by the politicians i get little worried because the real essence of life is only when all religions understand each other , neither Islam is in Danger ,nor Hinduism. 

This is why Modi needs History lessons before changing the Future of India.



Modi is known as Hindu Nationalist and along with Vinayak Damodar Savarkar ,father of Hindu nationalism is Syama Prasad Mookerjee ,before Proceeding further ,let’s hear what Modi has to say about Shri Syama Prasad Mookerjee at Gujarat .

let us see the facts of the above Video and What Modi has Said .


1. Syama Prasad mookerjee “mere Gujarat ke sapoot”( means The son of My Gujarat).

Truth- No Modi ji , Syama Prasad Mookerjee was born in Kolkatta on  6 July 1901 to A Bengali Hindu Family .

2 . Modi said Vivekanand and Swami Dayanand Saraswati used to talk with Shyama Prasad Mookerjee , implying that they were friends .

Truth – Swami Dayanand Saraswati Died on October 30,1883 Ajmer , Swami Vivekananda Died at July 4,1902 at Belur. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee was born even after death of Swami dayanand Saraswati and he was just 1 year old when Swami Vivekanand Died . Syama Ji was born on 6 July 1901. Modi ji,how can they be friends?

3. Syama Prasad Mukerjee made the India House in London .

Truth – Shyam Ji Krishan Verma made India House in London . India House

4.  Syama Prasad Mookerjee died in 1930  in England.

Truth – Syama Prasad Mukerjee died on 23rd June 1953  died in Kashmir. 


Joining all the facts – we get to know that Modi was talking about Shyamji Krishna Verma .that’s funny because Modi was speaking on the annual anniversary of Syama Prasad Mookerjee in Gujarat .

all my facts are taken from wikipedia Syama Prasad Mookerjee

Aam Aadmi Party- Awesome Campaigning !!

Aam Aadmi Party ,since the party is formed ,it has taken it’s campaigning to awesomeness ,they have tried many innovative ways which surprisingly doesn’t spend too much of their money !!

Since the party is made ,its backed by many celebrities ! here are awesome ways of Campaigning of AAP where everyone from all walks of life join to Campaign !


1. Since,AAP don’t have enough money to spend on Banners,Hoardings like major parties,this is what AAP does.

here are some images


2. raghu

observe Rahul gandhi’s hoarding and here is AAP’s Army standing wide and tall.


4. Free of Cost and street to street campaign , AAP volunteers oblige.

can anyone match this6. Foreigners campaigning for AAP ,i hope BJP doesn’t say “look CIA agents are working with AAP”.foreginers

7. Nukkad Team campaigning for AAP . 


8. Auto Walas for AAP Mumbai !! take a bow Auto-Rickshaw drivers ! 

AUTO WALAS more plus point, their adaptability ,blessing in disguise 


10. For talking to People we don’t need millions of stages ,this is enough,Kumar Vishwas speaking in amethi ! it shows commitment and dedication,dare Modi/Gandhi do this .


11. AAP Match Box in Karnataka ,another cheap but something which can be reached every home . 

aap match box

12. this guy here is “Shambu Singh” of Jaipur ,drives rickshaw and gives AAP cap to everyone who boards his rickshaw  . Silent Volunteers of AAP are strength of AAP.

this guy

Last but not the least, the Students ,strength of AAP.


Barely ,an 18th Month year old party and so much fresh of air , so much innovation and love for Politics , i am sure this will go many miles .

Who says there is No AAP candidate against Sonia Gandhi,A Raja,Akbaruddin Owaisi?

This Post is to bust the lies being spread about Aam Aadmi Party that there are no AAP candidates against Certain Congress ministers . I came across the post which has been made viral on social networking which is like this —

Lie being made viral

Lie being made viral

Lie No. 1. Against Sonia Gandhi ,AAP has no candidate

Truth – Against Sonia Gandhi,AAP gave ticket to Justice Fakruddin .

source – AAP Candidate is Justice Fakhruddin against Sonia Gandhi but  Justice Fakruddin quit against  Sonia Gandhi that was because health problem and also a technical issue prevented the retired judge from contesting election. His name was in electoral roll at two places – Jabalpur and New Delhi. He came to know about the fact after his candidature was announced. Subsequently, he had asked the Election Commission to delete his name from one of the places but officers said that it could not be done because electoral rolls couldn’t be changed after the start of the nomination process. However, Justice Fakhruddin is campaigning for AAP.

New AAP candidate against Sonia Gandhi is Advocate Archana Shrivastava.  source 

Lie No 2 – No AAP Candidate against A Raja .

Truth – M.T. Rani, a retired professor of Salem, fielded by AAP against A. Raja, hero of 2g scandal  from Nilgiris  Source- AAP’s focus on Nilgiris Let me also state here,the BJP candidate against A Raja has withdrawn it’s candidature . source – No BJP candidate against A Raja

Lie No 3 – Against Son of P Chidambaram, No AAP candidate

Truth- School teacher Tamil Arima to take on Karti Chidambaram, son of P. Chidambaram, in the Sivaganga constituency .  Source – source read the first line .

Lie No. 4 – Against Salman Khurshid,there is no AAP candidate.

Truth- against Salman Khurshid , AAP gave ticket to specially-able Mukul Tripathi but he rejected to contest against Salman Khurshid ,so AAP gave ticket to Tariq Parvez .


Source Facebook page of Tariq Parvez -AAP farukhabad candidate

Main stream media has very cleverly shown one side of the story that AAP’s previous candidate against Salman Khurshid has left but not reported when the new one was announced.

Lie no 5 . – Against Ashok Chavan ,there is no AAP leader.

Truth- Granthi Narendrasingh Anmolsingh is The AAP candidate against Ashok Chavan . Source  – Myneta – Nanded Constituency -all those who are fighting

Lie No. 6 – No AAP candidate against Akbaruddin Owaisi

Truth – AAP’s candidate against Akbaruddin Owaisi is Lubna Sarwath, IKFS awarded economist,

Source -

She is fighting from Hyderabad Constituency where Akbaruddin Owaisi also fights

She is fighting from Hyderabad Constituency where Akbaruddin Owaisi also fights

Source for Akbaruddin Owaisi lok sabha seat Akbar Owaisi to contest from Hyderabad loksabha seat

Last note by the author – This post is getting viral and then they wrote in last that you judge how is Kejriwal ? Man, i say the same now you judge how liars are. i wrote AAP candidate against Each leader mentioned above .


Don’t Believe Fake Propaganda. Jaago Re. Jai Hind.

Ex Soldiers who are fighting in Lok Sabha Elections,2014.

This is one of my favorite topics to discuss with you all . all the Ex soldiers who are fighting this elections.



1 . Major Dr(Rtd) Surendra Poonia ,VSM (Vishisht  Seva Medal)  -

AAP Candidate from Sikar,Rajasthan



- Major (Dr) Poonia is an alumnus of the Armed Forces Medical College,Pune .He was first from his village to become an army officer and a doctor. He is the one of the best sportsmen produced by Navodaya Vidyalaya and by one of India’s premier defense academies – AFMC. In year 1999 he broke all the long distance races record held by AFMC alumni from as far back as 1968 and 1971. After obtaining his MBBS degree from AFMC, Pune, Major Poonia was commissioned in the Indian Army in Aug 2001.

He later volunteered for challenging and elite volunteer force of the Indian Army- The Parachute Regiment, where he served with 2 Para Special Forces, 10 Para Special Forces and 5 Para for 5 years in the insurgency ridden area of J&K. He also saw service on the world’s highest battlefield – Siachen. During a counter terrorism operation in 2005 at Bandipore forest , Kashmir, he saved the lives of 1 officer and 8 soldiers during a fierce gun-battle for which the Chief of the Indian Army decorated him with his Commendation Card.

Major Poonia also served with distinction in the United Nation’s Peace Keeping Mission at DRC (Congo) for one year managing international peace missions in difficult areas.

In 2008, he was selected for the oldest and most prestigious Parachute -Cavalry regiment of India -The President’s Bodyguard (PBG), which serves directly under the Supreme Commander of the Nation. The PBG is the only Para-Cavalry regiment in the world.He served under two Presidents of India -Smt Pratibha Devi Singh Patil and Sh Pranab Mukherjee.

In 2010, Major Poonia became the first Indian sportsman to win three medals in the World Medical Games at Croatia. Subsequently, in 2011 at Las-Palmas, Spain, he won 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal at the same meet. Year 2012 saw him further improve on his previous sporting success when he won 2 gold medals and 5 silver medals in Antalya, Turkey, becoming the first athlete to win consecutive gold medals in the Power Lifting event for 3 years in a row.

Kind courtesy for images and Content on Major Dr. (R) Sunny Poonia and to know more on him Major Dr.(R) Sunny Poonia



Courtesy :Indian Express

Major Dr. (R) Sunny Poonia

Major Dr. (R) Sunny Poonia

Awards :

    • Vishist Seva Medal By Hon’ble President of India
    • Big Reliance Most Entertaining Sportsman of the year -Jaipur 2013
    • Awarded 3 times by Chief of Army Staff Commendation Medal by Chief of Indian Army for meritorious military service in India/abroad.
    • 5 Gold,8 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals at World Medical Games (2010-2012)
    • Best Student’ Award in Young officer’s Course at Officer’s Training Academy,Lucknow-2002
    • Best Athlete- AFMC
    • Best Sportsman- AFMC
  • Mr AFMC’- Best Physique


2. General(R)  V K Singh,PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADC. – 

BJP candidate from Ghaziabad 



Singh was commissioned into the 2nd Battalion of The Rajput Regiment (Kali Chindi) on 14 June 1970. He then commanded the same unit when it was positioned along the Line Of Control with Pakistan.

General Vijay Kumar Singh PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADC is the 26th Chief of Army Staff. A highly decorated Officer, he is the 33rd International Fellow and the first Indian Armed Forces officer to be inducted into the United States Army War College International Fellows Hall of Fame. He graduated from the Defence Services Staff College as a Honours graduate of the United States Army Infantry School, topped the Rangers Course at Fort Benning and was inducted into the United States Army War College International Fellows Hall of Fame; the first Indian Armed Forces officer to do so.

Awards -

  • General Singh was awarded the Ati Vishisht Seva Medal (AVSM) for distinguished service while commanding a counter-insurgency force.
  • Honorary Aide-De-Camp to the President of India
  • Param Vishisht Seva Medal (PVSM)
  • Yudh Seva Medal for his distinguished Service in Operation Parakram
  • Ranger Tab

3 .  Wing Commander(Rtd) Abdul Nasir Hanfee ,Veer Chakra 

AAP Candidate from Jabalpur


On 23 September 1987, then Flight Lieutenant Abdul Nasir Hanfee was launched in Siachen area to assist the Army. Taking off in a short time, he undertook the much needed Army support missions in the area. Flying from sunrise to sunset in marginal weather conditions with frequent snow blizzards and whiteout conditions and frequent adversary shelling of the posts, he achieved 14 to 15 sorties a day for three continuous days, with total disregard to his personal safety. He single-handedly managed to provide the much-needed logistic support for two days which was a big morale booster for our troops in Siachen Glacier area. fighting in a hostile terrain.

In a restricted area where the guns were required to fire continuously to meet the adversary’s challenge, he also showed exceptional professionalism by evacuating 38 casualties in a single day from the area with undue disregard to his personal safety.

Thus, Flight Lieutenant Abdul Nasir Hanfee exhibited high degree of professional skill and courage in the face of the adversary. For this mission he was awarded the Vir Chakra.

To Change the Nation , he Joins Aam Aadmi Party and believes in Gandhian Principles and Swaraj.



4. Colonel Rajyawardhan Singh Rathore,AVSM

BJP candidate from Jaipur Rural 


Rathore passed from NDA and since then served in Indian Army till 2013. He hails from Jaisalmer,Rajasthan.  rose to fame after winning the Silver Medal in Men’s Double Trap at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

At 2002 Commonwealth Games, Rathore won a Gold Medal and set a new Commonwealth Games Record of 192 targets out of 200, which still stands. Rathore, went on to successfully defend his Commonwealth Champion title by winning the Gold Medal at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in 2006.  He won Gold Medals in two World Shooting Champions at Sydney in 2004 and Cairo in 2006.

In 2006, Rathore won a Bronze Medal in the World Championship in Spain.Rathore is accredited for winning the Asian Clay Target Gold Medal for four times in a row from 2003 to 2006.


  • 2004-2005 – awarded Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna (Highest Sporting Honour of India).
  • 2003-2004 – Arjuna Award
  • Rathore is a recipient of the Padma Shri
  • Ati vishisht Seva Medal (AVSM), military award for exceptional service, presented by the President of India on behalf of the Government of India.
  • 1990 -Sword of Honour (For the Best All Round Officer Cadet at the Indian Military Academy).
  • 1990 – the Sikh Regiment Gold Medal (For the Best Sportsmen at the Indian Military Academy).

5. Col Devinder Sehrawat –

AAP Candidate from South Delhi 


20 years in Army .after getting retired from armed forces, started to fight for the farmers’ struggle in getting their compensation for their lands. He often voices his opinions for the farmers through articles in news papers and magazines.An IIM-Ahmedabad alumnus,Devinder Sehrawat is a multi-faceted personality. Through each of his roles as soldier, journalist, social activist, and farmers’ leader, he has been serving the nation with dedication. His patriotic spirit was nurtured in childhood, born as he was into a family of patriots, with his father and grandparents also having served in the armed forces.

6.  Lt General Raj Kadyan 

AAP Candidate from Jhunjhunu,Rajasthan 

Lt Gen Raj Kadyan

Lt Gen Raj Kadyan

Retired as Lt. General (deputy chief of Army staff) from Indian army. He has extensively worked for welfare of Ex servicemen. Formed an organization ISEM for ex servicemen. Fought a battle for one rank one pension for ex servicesmen. Stays in Gurgaon. Jhunjhunu has large number of ex servicemen mostly from Jat Community. There might be some resistance from volunteers, he being an outsider but he has higher winability.


7 . Col P S Bhatnagar -

AAP candidate from Rajsamand,Rajasthan 

col ps

An Infantry Commando -served in Indian Army for almost three decades across the length and breadth of our country ,mostly on Pakistan & China Borders. A keen environmentalist and a social worker , special awards from our late PM -Smt Indira Gandhi and Shri Dhanik Lal Mandal –erstwhile Governor of Punjab & Haryana for pioneering work in the field of environment .

8 . Colonel Gadkari 

AAP Candidate from Ratnagiri 

Retired Colonel, Member of the 18 Grenadiers which won Tiger Hill, has been NCC Group Commander who has managed schools and colleges in this constituency.

9 . Retd. Col Bharat Singh 

AAP Candidate from Balia,Uttar Pradesh 

aap for soldiers

10 . Capt Amarinder Singh 

Congress Candidate from Amritsar 

He served as a captain in Indian Army. He joined Indian Army in June 1963 and resigned in early 1965. He rejoined the Army again as hostilities broke out with Pakistan. He again resigned after the war was over in early 1966.


11. Jaswant Singh 

Independent Candidate from Barmer

Jaswant SIngh was in Army in late 1960s ,alumnus of NDA,Khadakwasla . He has left BJP and will fight as an Independent Candidate ,although he is experienced politician in NDA regime.


12. Sqd.Ldr Prasad

AAP Lok Sabha Candidate from Guntur. 



Guest Lecturer in the Engineering & Management colleges across 
Part time PhD Scholar in the Department of Computer Science at 
JNTU, Hyderabad.

Former Commissioned Officer with Indian Air Force in Aeronautical  Engineering Branch actively involved in operations during Kargil war.
Retired [pre-mature] as Squadron Leader from Indian Air Force.
B. Tech (Electrical& Electronics Engineering) from JNTU,
M. Tech (Communication & Computer Networks) from MITS, Gwalior and MBA (Marketing & HR) from Osmania University Campus College, Hyderabad.
Alumnus of Air Force Technical College, Bangalore and Air Force
Administrative College, Coimbatore.



If you know any Ex Soldiers who are fighting General Elections,kindly leave a comment.

Go Ahead ,vote for the Best , Jai Hind