China’s Third and Second Home-Made Aircraft Carrier Is Under Construction


China has started constructing its third Aircraft Carrier Type 002 this year. It will be more advanced than the first indigenously developed Liaoning or the Type 001A Aircraft Carrier. Chinese media reported that the aircraft carrier is under construction stage. The People’s daily reported about the successful trials of night takeoff and landing from its first operational aircraft carrier, Liaoning last week.

Many Media Agencies, including South China Morning Post and the Diplomat, reported that a third aircraft carrier, Type 002 is in construction stage at the Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard Group. However it is yet to be officially confirmed. China is likely to build two more aircraft carrier in near future, which will be more technologically advanced than the present ones.

Chinese experts believe that first and second indigenous Aircraft carrier will provide the required knowledge for future projectiles and nuclear-powered carriers, People’s daily reported.

“Our aircraft carrier technology will become more mature as each achieves progress,” Li Jle, Beijing-based naval expert was quoted as saying to Global Times in an earlier report. “The third carrier is able to use an electromagnetic aircraft launch system from the conventional ski-jump system; the fourth may witness breakthroughs in power units.”

“China can be more flexible with two carriers. In the face of long-term maritime security competition, China will gradually expand its maritime interests to include three or four new carriers, at least, to meet its strategic needs,” Kang Jie, an assistant research fellow at the China Institute of International Studies, wrote in the Global Times.

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