Chinese Have Finally Arrived, Gen Bipin Rawat Applauds Chinese Military Might


Indian Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat acknowledged Chinese military might and said, “Chinese have finally arrived”. He mentioned that China has made sure that their military keeps growing with economic prowess.

“Chinese have finally arrived. I can say that. They did not forget that military power should rise simultaneously with economy,” said General Rawat. He further acknowledged that China stands “strong today in the world order, challenging the might of the US” as quoted by Zee News.

The countries have started looking up to India after the rise of China. He further added, “As China has risen, countries have started looking up to India to see whether we can also become a nation that can balance the rise of China.”

The chief even applauded Chinese assertiveness and said that it is because of China that the focus of International community has been shifted to Indo-Pacific Region.

A few days back, Gen Bipin Rawat blamed Pakistan and China for influx of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. He said that it is the plan of Pakistan to spread disturbance in the region with the help of China.

“I think the proxy game is very well played by our western neighbour, supported by our northern border (China) to keep the area disturbed. We will continue to see some migration happening. The solution lies in identifying the problem and holistically looking at it,” he had said.

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