Kashmir- How Far We Are to Make Kashmir completely safe


Kashmir valley– once the Heaven on Earth, now placed at one of the most militarized location on earth. Tormented by violence, terrorism, and insurgency to such extent that a day with no news on Kashmir is a rarity. Could there be peace in “Heaven” any time?

Fortunately, there seems to be a gradual descend casualties in the valley. This is when the data is compared with that of a decade before. During and after Kargil operations, militant activities rised to an ever-time high.

Recent media attention has come as a curse to security forces in the area. Talk shows laced with fireworks create a pseudo atmosphere of falsities which influences the youth of the valley. De facto terrorists masked as revolutionaries call for an armed conflict which escalates the situation further.

Why is Kashmir so fragile?

The answer lies in how we perceive the situation. As we see, it is simple. Our not-so-friendly Pakistan wages proxy war through sponsored terrorism. Marks the militants as victims of Indian military’s abuse. Heads to United Nations and urge the superpowers to get involved.

People on the other side believe they are fighting for independence from the torments of a war-stricken valley.

Some experts believe that Nehruvian policies during 1947 war to take up Kashmir to UN was a bad move. For some others, the former PM’s move was best, owing to the parallel wars India was fighting against Hyderabad’s Nizam and North-East tribes.

Considering the geography and history of the region, it seemed right at that time to  give autonomy to the state of Jammu&Kashmir. This was in terms with politico’s disinterest in fighting a war just after Independence.

Being a strategic point for both the neighbours, interest for both on the valley never shrunk. Pakistan and Indian has been in a war since 1947 and unfortunately Kashmir is where it fought. Severe economic and infrastructural inadequacies haunt the valley. Anti-Indian propaganda masquerading as revolutionary slogans walks the streets. Stones come crashing in on friendlies.

Youth engaged in stone-pelting on security forces

Is use of force the only anti-dote? No, definitely not. Strict and efficient administrative efforts must ensue the already successful combing ops by security forces. We can act up against our neighbors efforts in instilling violence in the region. We have the will and force to do that. But if citizens turns sides, an act of betrayal, bullets are forced to answer that call. A show of force like the highly talked ‘Surgical strikes’ have reduced insurgency attempts.

An interesting and important fact to consider is how demonetization reduced the number of youths engaged in stone-pelting. Concreting claims that most youth are doing it just for the sake of money. It should be pretty clear that unemployment is driving them to the act.

Like the people of J&K, security forces too dread of Kashmir situation. Army have a limit on achieving zero-insurgency. It is the duty of the armed forces to keep the nation free from any destructive interference. More importantly, it is the duty of the citizens to make sure our nation’s integrity is not tampered.

As Herbert Hoover said, “Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die.” If peace efforts doesn’t see a fruitful end, the youth would be suffering yet another episode of violence.