The Latest Anti-Militant Plan Of Indian Army Will Impress You

Rashtriya Rifles of Indian Army
Rashtriya Rifles of Indian Army

Under the flag of a massive operation planned by Indian Army to counterinsurgency and militancy, Indian Army has ruled out 258 names of the militants. Indian Army has begun the operation with full situational awareness and intelligence regarding the militants.

According to India Today’s report, all location and activities are already taken under consideration by the Army. A top official quoted that Intelligence agencies carried out a several highly confidential operation in every district of the valley to identify militant hideouts. Intelligence reports say among 258 militants 130 are locals and 128 are foreign terrorists.

Group of Militants including militants of HM,JeM,LeT and Al-Badar
Group of Militants including militants of HM, JeM, LeT and Al-Badar

Indian Army has to deal with several militant groups in the valley but currently, they are targeting major groups like HM, Lashkar-e-Taiba. The list says 136 terrorists are from LeT itself, followed by 95 from HM and 23 from Jaish. In some part of the valley, the Indian army has already launched coordinated strikes and the resulting are very promising, several militants are shot dead.

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