Why Was Pakistani Army Not Able To Detect Surgical Strike Movement By Indian Army


India’s Kashmir has been attacked several times, and it all seems that is a job of neighbouring country. Alas, India has reached to Mars and they still trying to take Kashmir. Of course, we know this will never happen. When it was too much to take, the Indian govt. took a strict action and ordered a surgical strike in the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. It was a decision taken a week before the surgical strike. The operation was on and still the Pakistani camps had no clue that someone is about to hit them hard.

The Ghatak platoon and the Para Special Forces of the India Army which knows the area like the back of their hand were given a go in an area targeting the terrorist camps in 200 kilometers. Let’s us know why they were not detected:

  1. It was a moonless night which made it easier for the operation, helping the commando units go unnoticed.
  2. Ghatak Platoons of 10Dogra and 6Bihar were selected for the attack. Both of these units had a direct impact and emotionally driven for a revenge, and they knew the terrain. Also, the local commanders were given a free hand to decide the launch pad, attack locations and who all to go in the operation. Both the platoons were attacked by terrorists and we lost our men in the attacks. The troops carried Carl Gustav rifles, grenades, shoulder fired weapons and flame throwers, etc.
  3. The Indian intelligence agencies were tracking the moves of the terrorist base camps and they had the imagery of the camps to exactly hit the right target. The Indian army was monitoring for one week. Cartosat -2C from ISRO was used for the live images.
  4. It started with an artillery fire from the Indian side to indulge the Pakistan army, so that they don’t get a clue of any movement of the commandos. The platoons went inside and they were on a demolition mode, just went in, and detonated the complete launch area. Pakistani side faced heavy casualties and Indian side faced none, because the plan was well analyzed and then executed.

    Answer is inspired by Quora.

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